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The Sims 2 University Life Collection

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Send your Sims to college in style with The Sims 2 University Life Collection and expand your Sims lives with three popular titles! With The Sims 2 University your Sims are young adults leaving home to live the ultimate college fantasy. Immerse them in college life as they become the Big Sim on Campus. They?ll relish their new-found freedom as they party with friends, join fraternities and sororities, and pull outrageous pranks. Give your Sims? dorm room a makeover with The Sims 2 IKEA Stuff. Whether you want to create a trendy office space, a ...

Wonder World Amusement Park - Pre-played

$9.99 $2.50
  • updated 3 years ago
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All the fun of a carnival right in your living room! Your whole family will want to get involved as you take your self-made character through a huge amusement park with 30 different fair-style mini-games and five thrilling, interactive rides. Use your Wii Remote and Nunchuk to throw, draw, shoot, pump, grab, shake and more to win prizes and outfits for your character. Explore five different zones, like Spookyville, Fairytale, Pirate, and Space. Knock your friends out of the ring in Bumper Cars, survive the Food Fight or walk the plank in Pirate...
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