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Design Room Deals

Low Light Video Camera

$300.00 $169.95
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640x480 High-resolution video capture Advanced imaging CMOS sensor Low light recording Simple and flexible installation What it Can Do for You... Store your video on a compatible DVR and experience every moment as if you were actually there. Choose from basic to advanced features. Never miss a moment the Low Light Video Camera. Its advanced sensor automatically selects the appropriate light setting, providing you with the best shot even in a dim room. A New Sense of Freedom Experience a level of video capturing freedom unimaginable in t...

Telephone Analyzer

$500.00 $335.00
  • updated 3 years ago
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Phone Sweeper RF Bug Detection: Audio And Video Continuously Detects Telephone/Phone Line When Not In Use The Telephone Analyzer alerts you in an instant if there is a wiretap on your telephone line, if eavesdropping is happening while you are speaking and also continually sweeps your room for RF bugs. It's for those who need total telephone security! It's a great design for sweep teams to use as a professional grade telephone and Telephone Line Analyzer . Just plug the Telephone Analyzer into your telephone and then plug the output jack into y...
Perform complete sweeps without the need to bring in an outside TSCM specialist. Full spectrum from 200 Hz to 3 Ghz, inlcuding infrared signals Detect Wireless & Wired Hidden Cameras Debug An Entire Room In Under 1 Minute Uses Infrared & Radio Frequency Detection Up to 6 GHz Handheld & Battery Operated Lights, Vibration, and Audible Alerts Revolutionary Two-In-One Camera Detector Finds Both Wired & Wireless Cameras Are you being spied on? As cameras become smaller and more hidden, finding them becomes more difficult. Not...
How to Administer the Test Remove the tester vertically from the test cartridge. Press tester's tip into the collected urine sample, collecting as much urine as possible. Allow the collected urine sample to reach room temperature (15-30C / 59-86F) prior to immersing test strip. Insert tester back into the cartridge. Next, break the appropriate vials on the back of the cartridge labeled "1, 2, 3" by pressing firmly. Gently shake the cartridge for about one minute. After shaking, wait 5 minutes for best results. Do not interpret results...