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Zewa Body Relax II Back Pain Relief System Specifically designed to eliminate back pain, the Zewa Body Relax II Back Pain Relief System targets the nerve centers in the lower back and fires electrical signals into the muscle tissues below, mimicking the body's natural impulses. This gentle, relaxing stimulation increases blood circulation and soothes away pain caused from overexertion, fatigue and nerve damage without the need for medication or invasive surgery. The re-usable conductive pads included with the Zewa Body Relax II Back Pain ...

Wirthco Battery Disconnect Switches

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BATTERY DISCONNECT SWITCHES Discourage theft and unauthorized use of vehicle Eliminate battery drain Avoid shorts and fires while working on electrical systems Use on cars, truck, farm equipment, construction equipment. Brass and copper components for long, reliable service. Blade switches tested to 750-amp draw. For all voltage systems.
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