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This set is exclusive to the Discovery Channel Store. Kalahari Flood: At the peak of the dry season in the Kalahari desertlands herds of elephants trek towards a life-saving event. These resourceful elephants reveal remarkable new behaviours as they try to make the most of the stagnant pools, arid woodlands and waterholes guarded by lion prides. However, their fortunes change dramatically with the annual flooding of Botswana's Okavango Delta, which turns 4,000 square miles of desert into a maze of lagoons, islands and swamps. As millions of...

Speak On Your Feet

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in Books from Brian Tracy
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Being a confident public speaker is crucial to your success in business. Learn the tips and tricks to being a master speaker in front of both large and small groups. It's very easy, and not as scary as you think. Learn how to plan, prepare, and deliver powerful talks and presentations for personal and business success. Keep your audience on the edge of their seat and wanting more!

Motel Of The Mysteries

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It is the year 4022; all of the ancient country of Usa has been buried under many feet of detritus from a catastrophe that occurred back in 1985. Imagine, then, the excitement that Howard Carson, an amateur archeologist at best, experienced when in crossing the perimeter of an abandoned excavation site he felt the ground give way beneath him and found himself at the bottom of a shaft, which, judging from the DO NOT DISTURB sign hanging from an archaic doorknob, was clearly the entrance to a still-sealed burial chamber. Carson's incredible disco...

Learning From The Master - Physical

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Bible Study Topic: 40 days in the life of Jesus Number of Days: 40 Each book includes: 40 student-focused devotionals that expose them to a variety of Bible study methods One week prayer journal that teaches students a pattern of prayer to help them hear God Distinctive Elements: We recommend Learning from the Master as a follow-up devotional to a mission trip, especially if your students used a Leadertreks Field Guide. This book uses the same Bible study format as the Leadertreks Field Guides. In addition, 7 days of our ACTS prayer journal are...

Dead On Arrival

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in Books from Kobo eBooks
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Normally, insurance fraud investigator Pauline Sokol likes to keep her feet firmly on the ground. But her latest undercover assignment has the aero-phobic ex-nurse flying highas she takes off to ground a land-and-air ambulance company that's been doing some rather flighty billing. Even having ER Dano, the company's best (and hottest!) paramedic, in the copter seat next to her isn't enough to soothe her queasy tummy. But her insides really start doing loop-de-loops when one of the company's owners is brutally murderedand Pauline starts recei...

"traveling Light"

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"Weary travelers. You've seen them-everything they own crammed into their luggage. Staggering through terminals and hotel lobbies with overstuffed suitcases, trunks, duffels and backpacks. > Backs ache. Feet burn. Eyelids droop. > We've all seen people like that. > At times, we are people like that-if not with our physical luggage, then at least with our spiritual load. > We all lug loads we were never intended to carry. Fear. Worry. Discontent. > No wonder we get so weary. We're worn out from carrying that excess baggage. Wouldn't it be nice ...

Life Together Starter Pack - Physical

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This is the perfect bundle to get your feet wet with the Life Together small group curriculum. If you are thinking about giving this curriculum a try in your ministry, then check out this cost effective starter pack. Bundle includes 1 Life Together: Starting book 1 Life Together: Connecting book 1 Life Together: Growing book 1 Life Together: Serving book 1 Life Together: Sharing book 1 Life Together: Surrendering book *Please do NOT add these items to your cart individually. To receive this special price you must make your purchase by adding th...
This is the perfect bundle to get your feet wet with the Experiencing Christ Together small group curriculum. If you are thinking about implementing this curriculum in your ministry, then check out this cost-effective starter pack. The Experiencing Christ Together series is written to draw students closer to Jesus. It contains 36 sessions (spread across six books) that allow students to dig into God?s Word and learn more about Jesus and discover how to model their lives after His example. Each study gives students the chance to get to know one ...

The Gripping Point - Physical

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Mountain climber Craig DeMartino fell 96 feet, shattering his feet and ankles, snapping his neck and back, puncturing a lung... And then things got bad. Join Craig DeMartino on the mountains that took his leg?and nearly his life. Five years after a catastrophic fall, Craig and his family consider lessons learned about coping with pain . . . relying on God . . . and finding answers to impossible questions. This 6-session small group video series exploring the problem of pain will challenge your small group to tackle questions like . . . If God l...

Time Bandit Book (paperback)

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Every Alaskan king crab season, brothers Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand risk their lives and seek their fortunes upon the treacherous waters of the Bering Sea. Sons of a hard-bitten, highly successful fisherman, and born with brine in their blood, the Hillstrand boys couldn't imagine a life without a swaying deck underfoot and a harvest of mighty king crabs waiting to be pulled from the ocean floor. In pursuit of their daily catch, the brothers brave ice floes and heaving waves sixty feet high, the perils of thousand-pound steel traps thrown abo...

Eebee S Adventures Here To There Board Book

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eebee s Adventures Here to There: An Up Down and All Around Adventure Board Book by Every Baby Company eebee and fellow baby explorers are on the go in this action packed adventure for the toddler set. Standing stepping sliding climbing crawling and clambering through the universe of their own home up steps and over shaggy pillows they have first hand (arms legs and feet!) experiences with spatial concepts. Ideas ranging from in out over under up across down behind and between will have every baby diving into these pages.
A young boy weighs the pros and cons of possessing various animal appendages—such as a duck's feet, a deer's antlers, a whale's spout, an elephant's trunk, and a long, long tail—only to decide that he's better off just being himself. A zany, insightful story that beginning readers will wish to hear again and again—with a new "Dr. Seuss" author credit!

The Kennedy Detail (hardcover) Book

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Secret Service Agent Clint Hill was just eight feet from President John F. Kennedy, desperately trying to hurl his body in front of the gunfire, when the president's head exploded before his eyes. Covered with blood and pieces of Kennedy's brain, Agent Hill pushed Jackie Kennedy into the back seat. Clinging to the trunk of the open top limousine as it sped away from Dealey Plaza to Parkland Hospital, he slammed his fist in anger, and gave the thumbs down sign, as he looked back to the agents in the follow-up car. His eyes, filled with despair, ...
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