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Natures Wonders deals and coupons

Natures Wonders

$66.85 $19.99
  • updated 2 years ago
  • views 61
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T-Rex: New Science, New Beast DVD Delve deep into the world of Tyrannosaurus Rex as we re-visit the past to re-write the history of this hulking beast. Discard your previous assumptions and explore the latest T-Rex discoveries to reveal the true history, biology and mechanics of this massive creature.With a new crew of paleontologists on the scene, see how breakthrough interdisciplinary research – merging traditional paleontology with new engineering and biomechanics – has uncovered new data on how quickly the T-Rex grew, how fas...
Great White Shark Slippers deals and coupons

Great White Shark Slippers

$24.95 $9.97
  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 12
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Surprise friends and family with the most fearsome slippers in the closet! Patented plush animal slippersPadded interior for lush comfortShaped like a real great white, with complete fins, felt teeth and beaded black eyesFearsome predators or cozy slippers? Only you will know for sure when you slip your feet inside these plush, warm and pampering designs. Size chart Small: T12-Y4.5 Medium: Y5-Y6.5, W5-6 Large Y7-Y8.5, W7-8, M5-6 Please note: Catalog shoppers, please use the above sizes to select your correct slipper size. The s...
Discovery Volcano Island Lab deals and coupons

Discovery Volcano Island Lab

$24.95 $11.97
  • updated 2 years ago
  • views 58
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This product is exclusive to the Discovery Channel Store. Shake, rattle and roll as this volcano erupts on the scene.Create lava eruptions up to six feet highGlows, rumbles and quakes like a real volcanoUses basic household vinegar and baking soda to create volcanic effectsIncludes paint-it-yourself accessories, plus miniature trees and red lava dyeStands on four-legged frame for displayHands-on learning experienceVenture to understand the most awesome natural force of destruction. This product is exclusive to the Discovery Channel Store. Sha...
Eye Of The Sniper   Ultimate Combat Edition  Dvd deals and coupons
In Eye of the Sniper Ultimate Combat Edition, combat enthusiasts will go behind the scope to learn the strategies used by top sniper teams as they converge to test their skills against their fellow men at arms. Engage in the art of urban combat, ballistics, long-range marksmanship and the pride of every sniper how to remain undetected in fiercely critical situations. Take cover in a shower of intense urban firefights, grenade blasts and machine gun fire. Indulge in an endless feast of today's most advanced weapons including sniper rifles, m...
Blue Line Metal Weather Station deals and coupons

Blue Line Metal Weather Station

$129.95 $69.97
  • updated 2 years ago
  • views 69
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The Blue Line Metal Weather Station displays slim styling and a refined metal finish. Ideal for use on a desk or table in any room of the house, you'll have all the information you need to plan your day displayed in cool blue LCD numerals against a white LED backlight. Atomic time never needs adjusting. Included remote wireless sensor contains the RF chip to better receive the Atomic time signal. Indoor/ outdoor temperature and humidity keep you in the know, while an iconic weather forecast indicates future weather conditions. Featu...
Eco Climacontrol Solar Rechargable Weather Station deals and coupons
The Eco ClimaControl Solar Rechargable Weather Station is equipped with a built-in solar panel that will run for up to 3 months on 8 hours of sunlight. Monitor the current temperature and humidity in up to 4 locations around your home while helping save the environment outside! Includes 2 remote sensors (THGN500 and THGR122N). The Eco ClimaControl Solar Rechargable Weather Station is the greenest way to get your weather! Features: Solar panel for the conversion of solar energy to power the main unit Displays indoor and outdoor temperature ...
Deadliest Catch: Season 5 Dvd Set deals and coupons

Deadliest Catch: Season 5 Dvd Set

$49.95 $29.99
  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 21
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This title is exclusive to the Discovery Channel Store. Deadliest Catch takes you deep into the world of the Bering Sea --as we follow seven vessels and their crews through the most brutal fishing seasons on the planet - Red King Crab and Opilio Crab. Forty-foot waves, hurricane winds, sleep deprivation, and operating heavy machinery on a pitching deck, are just a few reasons the injury rate is one hundred percent. The rugged Adventurers who fish these waters are the real draw. Crabbers have the mindset of pirates - high risk for high rewar...
Deadliest Catch Boat T-shirts Collection deals and coupons

Deadliest Catch Boat T-shirts Collection

$124.75 $79.99
  • updated 2 years ago
  • views 109
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Deadliest Catch Cornelia Marie Emblem T-Shirt - Navy DISCOVERY EXCLUSIVE!Cornelia Marie had a extensive rebuild in 1995 that added 21 feet to her overall length and increased her catch holding capacity to one of the highest for a crabber. Cornelia Marie now measures 128 feet long and has 180 pots for a capacity of 312,000 lbs of king crab. She is named after Cornelia Marie Devlin, a co-owner of the boat who handles much of the daily business of the boat's operation. The Cornelia Marie's twin Mitsubishi engines generate 630 horsepower for a to...
Bear's Mission Everest Dvd deals and coupons

Bear's Mission Everest Dvd

$19.95 $12.99
  • updated 2 years ago
  • views 162
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Learn life-saving survival skills in some of the toughest, most treacherous environments on the Earth with a man no stranger to extremes, Bear Grylls. Drawing upon all his experiences as a soldier, mountaineer and seasoned adventurer, watch as Bear strands himself in popular wilderness destinations. Armed with a few supplies and the clothes on his back, see how he claws his way back to civilization while demonstrating survival techniques along the way.Join adventurer Bear Grylls on his most daring mission yet – attempting to fly a paramot...
Fighter Pilots DVD Set deals and coupons

Fighter Pilots Dvd Set

$29.99 $19.99
  • updated 2 years ago
  • views 26
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Get into the pilot's seat of the world's hottest fighter aircraft, see low level "speed of heat" maneuvers and experience some of the United States' most famous airplanes in this four-disc DVD set. F/A-18 Hornet "Anytime…Anywhere" – From tree-top level to over 50,000 feet, marvel at the capabilities of this remarkable machine. F-15 Eagle "Defenders of Freedom" – Experience the thrill of mid-air refueling as Eagles deploy their fire power and wonder at the F-15E Strike Eagle as it shares the skies with the new F/A 22 Raptor. F-16 Fig...
Land Of Lost Monsters Dvd deals and coupons

Land Of Lost Monsters Dvd

$14.95 $9.97
  • updated 2 years ago
  • views 25
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This title is exclusive to the Discovery Channel Store. Today, Australia, New Zealand and the Alaskan frontier of North America are characterized as beautiful vacation spots – but these regions weren't always so inviting. Travel back in time tens of thousands of years and watch as our ancestors battle tooth and nail for survival against the monstrous creatures that once ruled these killing fields. The latest in CGI-animation brings each alien world to life, illustrating the impossible living conditions and the improbable creatures that c...
Little Couple Dvd deals and coupons

Little Couple Dvd

$29.95 $19.99
  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 5
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Bill Klein and Jen Arnold are just like your average newlyweds, except for the fact that they're both under 4 feet tall! The Little Couple follows the two as they embark on their new life together. They'll face not only the struggles of two little people in an average-sized world, but will also move to a new city, negotiate the purchase of a home, and weigh the risks of planning a family - all while navigating the ups and downs of any new marriage!
Sunrise Earth: Portraits Of Our Planet Blu Ray Dvd deals and coupons
DISCOVERY EXCLUSIVE! Everglades River of Grass: Pahayokee, Everglade National Park, Florida. Savannah-like open sawgrass prairie stretches as far as the eye can see, punctuated by the occasional cypress tree. Beneath the apparent prairie, however, is a wide river flowing at a speed of more than one mile per hour. It's Marjorie Stoneham Douglas' famous River of Grass. In fact this exact Pahayokee platform was this writer's most frequented Everglade destination. To better observe the workings of the underwater world, we submerge a camera ...
Wild Russia Dvd deals and coupons

Wild Russia Dvd

$29.95 $19.99
  • updated 2 years ago
  • views 45
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Kamchatka: Kamchatka, in Russia's far east, is a land cloaked in secrecy. The Soviets banned travel to this region for military reasons but even today, with the borders open, it is so remote, only the most adventurous venture to this faraway land. Wild Russia: Kamchatka journeys into the heart of this extraordinary wilderness, bringing you face to face with the world's largest brown bears and the rarest eagle on earth. Here, volcanic eruptions light up the night, magnificent geysers spew boiling water sixty feet into the air and wildlife remai...
Swords Season 1 Dvd deals and coupons

Swords Season 1 Dvd

$29.95 $19.99
  • updated 2 years ago
  • views 34
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This product is exclusive to the Discovery Channel Store. Swords enters the high risk world of New England's long line fishermen who risk all to catch an elusive prey in some of the most dangerous waters on the planet. They are uniformly tough and resilient and they need to be as every day could be their last. They hunt swordfish- magnificent giants of the deep that can weigh over a thousand pounds. The best time to catch these migratory fish is every Fall when they can be found in the waters around the Grand Banks off Newfoundland and the Geo...
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