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275 FPS Spring Airsoft Pump Action Shotgun w/Shoulder Strap, Goggles, Blue LED Flashlight, Scope & Sample BBs deals and coupons
Blast away your targets with the HX699A+ Spring Airsoft Pump Action Shotgun!The HX699A+ is a spring-powered airsoft pump action shotgun modeled after the M4 design that fires 6 mm BBs at speeds of up to 275 feet per second. The HX699A+ features a metal folding stock that extends out to 30-inches. It includes a working blue LED flashlight attachment, a sholder strap, safety goggles, and some sample BBs to get you started. The magazine holds up to 40 rounds so you can annihilate your targets before having to reload! Get yours today!Order now!
150 FPS Spring Bolt Action Sniper Assault Rifle w/Scope, Bipod, Shoulder Strap & Sample BBs deals and coupons
Take your position, take aim at your targets and fire.  This Spring powered bolt action sniper assault rifle comes complete with bipod, scope and shoulder strap.  This rifle fires 6 mm BBs up to 150 feet per second for high power and range.
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