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Speak On Your Feet deals and coupons

Speak On Your Feet

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in Books from Brian Tracy
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Being a confident public speaker is crucial to your success in business. Learn the tips and tricks to being a master speaker in front of both large and small groups. It's very easy, and not as scary as you think. Learn how to plan, prepare, and deliver powerful talks and presentations for personal and business success. Keep your audience on the edge of their seat and wanting more!
Crunch Time! deals and coupons

Crunch Time!

$24.95 $22.95
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Be the one people look to when things start to fall apart. The true test of a leader is someone who can keep their cool when the sky is falling down. Learn how to think on your feet, solve problems and get results. Be a leader and show people what you're made of. Learn how to turn any business or personal crisis into your success!
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