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Feet Sexy Deals

A unique spa gift basket that offers wonderful treatments for her hands and feet. Offers moisturizing hand and nail cream, moisturizing gloves, foot scrub, loofa slippers, toe separators, wooden foot massage roller and more! Dim: 15"L x 12"W x 10"H
Treat a special someone's feet to instant, soothing warmth. These fleece spa booties are perfect for the aches and pains of daily life. The secret lies within the lavender filled inserts. Once warmed in the microwave, the inserts provide up to 45 minutes of toasty warmth and fragrant lavender scent. And with the bag of Aromatherapy essentials: Aromafloria mineral salts, massage oil, body lotion, scented candle, and body massager, for a full spa experience. Perfect for an instant pick me up. Gift measures 15" x 6" and weighs 2 lbs.
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