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Solotrainer Workout Cards deals and coupons

Solotrainer Workout Cards

$37.99 $28.04
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Using the Solotrainer Workout System cards is like having a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost of one personal training session! It's an easy-to-follow "flash" card-type system that guides men and women of all fitness levels through a complete daily workout. Created by a team of expert fitness professionals who "train the trainers", this set of 58 illustrated plastic photo cards contains insider trainer tips that are used by today's top celebrities. The portable workout system demonstrates resistance, cardio, or stretching exercises a...
Flexi-bar Pro deals and coupons

Flexi-bar Pro

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It's a fantastic tool to improve general fitness as well as very specific areas, including weight loss, mobility, sports training, injury rehabilitation, and core training.