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Clarity C900 Amplified Cell Phone deals and coupons

Clarity C900 Amplified Cell Phone

$259.00 $189.95
  • updated 3 years ago
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Clarity C900™ Amplified Cell Phone The Clarity C900 Amplified Cell Phone is an innovative device that allows those with hearing problems and low vision to easily operate a cell phone. Twice as loud as ordinary cell phones and hearing aid compatible, the Clarity provides users with an amplification of up to 20db so that users have the freedom to stay connected. Ideal for those with low vision, the Clarity C900 Amplified Cell Phone has large half inched size buttons that slide out from below the phone. The easy to use, sleek Clari...
Playing Card Holder Fan deals and coupons

Playing Card Holder Fan

  • updated 3 years ago
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Playing Card Holder Fan The Playing Card Holder Fan is a simple and convenient device used to assist those with arthritis or other hand conditions while playing cards. Playing cards can be very taxing on the wrists and hands. Due to this fact, many people who enjoy playing card games cease to play because of the pain. Made of durable plastic, this great device holds your cards in a natural position. The concave fan design prevents nosy neighbors from seeing your cards, and the extra wide spacing holds up to 15 cards at once! Ergonomical...
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