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Indoor Portable Heater Deals

Sf10ta Seabreeze 1500 Watt Slim Line Electric Space Heater With Cool Touch Cabinet deals and coupons
Delivering heat without sacrificing power or energy, the Seabreeze SF10TA 1500 watt Slim Line electric space heater can heat up whole rooms in seconds for your convenience and comfort. Ideal for indoor rooms, the SF10TA can provide you hours of reliable heating with its great features, including:Smart Thermaflo TechnologySeabreeze's advanced Thermaflo technology is the only one of its kind. The SF10TA's Smart Thermaflo feature allows you to enjoy comfortable warmth without sacrificing energy. Instead of reheating the whole room the SF10TA porta...
6 Element Quartz 1500 Watt Heater With Remote Control Ls1500-6 deals and coupons
The Lifesmart Power Plus infared portable furnace produced with Amish-style oak cabinetry using furniture grade wood and handcrafted precision has proven to be a safe, cost saving, effective heat source. It will heat an unobstructed room of up to 1500 square feet for pennies a day with all the benefits of infared heating technology. Heating the room air can reduce oxygen content and cause headaches. Infared heating technology, by definition, does not heat up the air. Instead it targets the objects leaving the oxygen and humidity intact. The Lif...
Compact Acp-1400h Portable Air Conditioner With Heater - Free Ground Shipping! deals and coupons
Experience relief from the summer heat with the NewAir ACP-1400H! This portable air conditioner offers a great blend of style and features in one compact unit. Truly multi-functional and space-saving, this 14,000 BTU unit also works as a heater, dehumidifier, and air purifier. Best of all, enjoy free, same-day ground shipping with a low price guarantee on this awesome unit!Standout Features: Heavy-Duty Cooling: The NewAir ACP-1400H boasts 14,000 verified BTUs of cooling and it's clearly the most compact, high-powered portable AC on the market. ...
Acs-9001h Newair Split Air Conditioner Energy Saver deals and coupons

Acs-9001h Newair Split Air Conditioner Energy Saver

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The New Air ACS-9001H Split Air Conditioner with Built-in Heater makes controlling the temperatures in areas under 400 square feet a snap! It comes fully charged with refrigerant (up to 16'5) and includes the line set that connects the indoor and outdoor components - right out of the box, it's ready for your HVAC professional to install. It also includes a full-function remote control and a washable air filter screen. Compact sized, quiet and energy efficient - Since the New Air ACS-9001H compressor is set up outdoors, the only indoor comp...
Lx-100 Soleus Portable Air Conditioner  For Multi-seasonal Use deals and coupons
When temperatures rise, most people seek the cooling comfort of indoor air conditioning in the form of window or central units, but if space or installation constraints make traditional air conditioners impossible, a portable AC is the best cost-effective, spot-cooling solution. The compact and quiet Soleus LX-100 portable air conditioner is just the right size for cooling smaller areas such as bedrooms or offices and does not require permanent installation. Auto-evaporative technology means there's no bucket to empty in optimal conditions. The...
Ah-350e Newair Electric Reflective Space Heater With Safety Shut-off Switch And Four Hour Timer deals and coupons
Enjoy instant, sun-like warmth with the NewAir AH-350E portable electric reflective space heater! Compact, lightweight, and boasting a range of unique features you just won't find anywhere else, this 1000 watt electric heater provides ample heat for bedrooms, personal spaces, or even small offices.Because the NewAir AH-350E utilizes advanced reflective heating technology and a carbon filament, this results in efficient heating for areas up to 150 square feet. In fact, unlike traditional convection heaters that require time to warm up, the AH-35...
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