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Electric Motors And Their Controls deals and coupons

Electric Motors And Their Controls

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This is an introductory work explaining the principles, construction, and use of electric motors and their associated drive controls. It starts from basic physics and progresses to discuss state-of-the-art topics such as piezoelectric motors and vector control. It is largely non-mathematical in its approach and provides an uncluttered overview of the subject, easily accessible to beginning students in electrical and electronic engineering as well as engineers and scientists from other disciplines. This authoritative text is fully illustrated wi...
Dylan deals and coupons


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Bob Spitz, drawing on hundreds of interviews with Dylan's family, friends, lovers and fellow musicians, presents the true Bob Dylan in a vast array of guises: the early years in Minnesota, when loner and local weirdo Bobby Zimmerman reinvented himself as Bob Dylan; the cataclysm that occurred when he went electric; the mad years, when drugs corrupted his gospel of peace and love; and his flirtations with political causes, various religions and superstardom. Photographs.
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