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Jvc Hard Drive Camcorder Deals

Engineered for professional video authoring houses, the LaCie d2 Blu-ray Drive records, rewrites, and plays back high-definition (HD) video. Store up to four hours of HD video on a 50GB discabout 10 times as much as a DVD. Shoot HD videos from your camcorder, author the videos, and burn them without any quality loss using multiple video codecs (MPEG2, AVC, VC-1). Now you can store large amounts of valuable administrative documents, audio asset libraries, raw video shoots and multiple image files on a single disc with complete peace of mind. The...

Hi Capacity B-9581 Battery

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Dimensions: 1.78 x 1.32 x 0.63 Compatibility: DC310 DVD Camcorder DC320 DVD Camcorder DC330 DVD Camcorder Digital Rebel XTi EOS Digital Rebel XT PowerShot G7 PowerShot G9 PowerShot S80 HV20 High Definition MiniDV VIXIA HG10 High Definition Hard Disk Drive VIXIA HV30 High Definition MiniDV ZR950 Digital Camcorder Features: Canon NB-2L Equivalent Battery.

Hauppauge Usb-live-2 Video Capture Haup610

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The Hauppauge Haup610 USB video capturer is a great choice for connecting your VCR, camcorder or video to your computer without the hassle of opening the case. Equipped with composite plus s-video port on the end and built-in video digitizer, the Hauppauge Haup610 can conveniently turn the analog video into digital format, with 30 digital images per second over the USB bus. Besides the support of up to 720x480 video format size (NTSC video), the included software can help you grab still video images in adjustable high-resolution modes, saving...
The Western Digital My Passport AV is a lightweight companion designed specifically for video storage and playback. Simply connect the drive to a compatible game console, Blu-ray Disc player, or media player, like WD TV family of products, and play the multimedia content from the drive on your big screen TV instantly and smoothly; or you can transfer and store videos onto My Passport AV from your camcorder to free up space for more recording without a computer. My Passport AV uses low power for out-of-the-box use and runs cool even in a hot en...

Jvc Gzmg330aus 30gb Hard Drive Camcorder - Blue

$499.99 $86.98
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JVC GZMG330AUS 30GB Hard Drive Camcorder - Blue - JVC GZMG330AUS
The SIIG Fire Wire 400 PCI card provides two1394a (6-pin) ports for multiple FireWire device connections, and supports serial bus data transfer rates up to 800 bps. Features a built-in power connector for reliable power output. Get the fastest possible transfer rate from your portable hard disk, DV camcorder, digital camera, external 1394 port optical drive and other audio/video devices. It upports hot-swapping, Plug-n-Play connection of peripheral devices, and both isochronous and asynchronous data transfer modes. This card works in Pentiu...
The Syba PCIe FireWire controller splits its ports between internal and external. There are 3 external and 1 internal FireWire ports. The ports are compliant with the 1394a-2000 standard for simultaneous devices so you can be transferring video from your camcorder at the same time you are running a backup to your external hard drive. The PCIe x1 interface has a 2.5Gb/s full-duplex transfer rate to handle the multiple transfers. Thanks to the flexibility of PCIe you can use the card in any available PCIe slot. Speed up your world with Syba....
Type: PCI to 1394 Card External 1394 Ports: 2x 1394 Ports Internal 1394 Ports: 1x 1394 Port Standard: 1394A Data Transfer Rate: 400/200/100 Mbps Operating Systems Supported: Microsoft Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and MacOS Operating System Compatibility: Digital Camcorder, Digital Camera, Scanner, Hard Disk, CDRW Drive, CDROM Drive, 1394 Repeater etc. Specifications: Embedded P1394A OHCI Link and PHY core function into a single host controller 1394 Link Core 32-bit CRC generator and checker for receive and transmit data On-c...

Jvc Gzmg630su Digital Camcorder W/60gb Hard Drive

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JVC GZMG630SU Digital Camcorder with 60GB Hard Drive - JVC GZMG630SU

Uebo M200-w-us Wired Media Player By Uitstor

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Features: User Friendly Use the remote to Fast Forward, Rewind, Pause, Zoom, Pan, Rotate and Search the: - Internet - Items on your USB Drive - LAN - Files on your hard drive - Videos on your camcorder - Pictures on your camera or memory card - Disks on internal disk drive - Streaming Internet with services like PlayOn TV.
Kit Contains: 1 Kingston 4GB SDHC card 1.5TB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive (recertified) 1 Dolica (WB-3591) DSLR/Camcorder case Parts: Lifetime limited Labor: Lifetime limited
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