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PLANT BIOLOGY, Second Edition provides a complete introduction to the science of plants, combining the most current, real-world examples with information on plant biodiversity and ecology, including topics like biotechnology, economic botany, and plant/human interactions. PLANT BIOLOGY begins with elements of botany that are most familiar to students: the structure, function, reproduction, physiology, and genetics of flowering plants. The evolutionary survey is then presented, with detail on the Prokaryotes, Protists, Fungi, Bryophytes, early T...
Flats are essential for anyone working in the fashion industry. Used to convey design ideas and garment details to pattern cutters and machinists, it is essential that they are drawn accurately to avoid misunderstanding and costly mistakes in sampling and production. This book explains how to create a technical fashion drawing using a simple and straightforward step-by-step method accompanied by some time-saving tips. This method is explained for those who wish to use Adobe Illustrator as well as for those who prefer to draw by hand. The second...

Abnormal Psychology

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Several features will distinguish this text from currently available textbooks. First, the base of abnormal psychology rests on knowledge generated through scientific studies and clinical practice. This text will emphasize this rich blend throughout. Hence, the student who is more interested in the clinical aspects of abnormal behavior will find this text engaging as will the student who seeks empirically derived information. Second, it has become increasingly clear that most forms of adult abnormal behavior either begin in childhood or have ch...
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