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Osc4k 4 In. Serrated Knife Segment Blade deals and coupons
With the Bosch 4 in. Serrated Knife Segment for OIS Tools in your collection, you'll easily be able to cut a multitude of materials, including insulation, boxes and even roofing shingles. Accessories represent the secret weapon in getting the most from an oscillating tool. Bosch offers the widest variety of accessories, from specialty blades to cutting saws, using the best materials and design methods. And thanks to the OIS? adapter, Bosch accessories can be used on a variety of oscillating tools from other manufacturers.
5.5 In. X 36 Ft. X .013 In. Deck-path Corrugated Deck Patch Dp36 deals and coupons
Contoured to match corrugated steel decking of all manufacturers, Deck-Patch is the fastest way of finishing drywall to corrugated steel decking. Perforated in three foot sections and in the center, Deck-Patch works great as a template for cutting drywall to fit the corrugated decking. Deck-Patch will not fuzz-up during sanding. To install, apply drywall compound 1/8 in. thick directly to back of patch. Place patch in the contour of decking and wipe down flat to wall using joint knife. Immediately skim-coat patch and let dry. Apply second coat,...
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