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1gb Small Mp3 Player Red M3003 deals and coupons

1gb Small Mp3 Player Red M3003

$23.99 $16.66
  • updated 3 years ago
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Highlights:This digital music player comes with a built in USB connector meaning you can connect it to your PC immediately to transfer songs without any additional cords. Miniature and lightweight in design, it is a great choice for runners or other athletes. The player can also be worn around the neck or as a keyring. Supports Common File Formats: The most common audio file formats (MP3 and WMA) are all supported by this product so there is no need to convert the music files you already have on your computer. Built-in Microphone: Take and stor...
Dv Mp3 Sunglasses (m002b) deals and coupons

Dv Mp3 Sunglasses (m002b)

$195.99 $139.99
  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 58
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HighlightsState of the Art design: Differ from any other electronic gadgets in outlook, this product is virtually a fashionable sunglasses that suit for both men and women.Removable and cordless speakers: You can adjust them to fit your ears. They can also work as a stand while it is on Web Camera mode.Control Buttons: The special designed buttons are seamlessly blended into the metal icons. You can quickly control it with the buttons that only you know are there.Sweet Resistant Frame: it is designed to withstand the grueling element: your swea...
Sunglasses With 2gb Mp3(sm04-2) deals and coupons

Sunglasses With 2gb Mp3(sm04-2)

$29.99 $19.99
  • updated 4 years ago
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High quality sunglasses with built-in digital music player, this stylish product allows you to listen to your favorite music while jogging, walking or doing the gardening without the added inconvenience of headphone cords or bulky MP3 players. The glasses' frame is matt black in color and would suit those who lead outdoor lifestyles.USB Connection: Quickly and conveniently transfer songs from your PC to the sunglasses by using a USB cable. Supports Most File Formats: Common audio file formats (MP3, WMA or WAV) are all supported by the player so...