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Mr. Monk Mystery Collection deals and coupons

Mr. Monk Mystery Collection

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The Mr. Monk Mystery Collection includes: Mr. Monk and the Dirty Cop (Paperback) More compulsive fun in this all-new, original mystery starring everyone's favorite OCD detective, one of television's best-loved characters.(Honolulu Star- Bulletin) Leland Stottlemeyer is used to obsessive- compulsive genius Adrian Monk getting all the praise and attention. But the police captain is feeling a little hostile after taking a lot of ribbing about his reliance on his star consultant. Is it possible he's used the latest round of budget cuts a...
Masculinity In Vietnam War Narratives Book (paperback) deals and coupons
Occurring alongside the Women's Rights, Gay Rights, Civil Rights, and other identity movements of the 1960s, the Vietnam War was part of an era that rescripted gender and other social identity roles for many, if not most, Americans. This book examines the ways in which the war and its accompanying movements greatly altered traditional American conceptions of masculinity, as reflected in discourses ranging from fictional narratives to memoirs, films, and military recruiting advertisements. Analysis of two canonical fiction texts John Del Vecchi...
Midnight Sun deals and coupons

Midnight Sun

in Books from eBooks
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KAATJE JANSSEN--Desperate to know if her missing husband still lives, Kaatje hires the rugged, yet tenderhearted James Walker to guide her through the perils of the Alaskan wilderness. What she finally discovers, however, is far from what she expected--and could well place her in the greatest danger of her life. ELSA RAMSTAD--As captain of the Majestic and mother of Kristian and Eve, Elsa has sought to ease the ache of her lonely heart. Forever changed by loss, she accepts her fate of solitude. But when an old friend rekindles the spark of rom...
I Ain't Scared Of You deals and coupons

I Ain't Scared Of You

in Books from Kobo eBooks
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"My granddaddy would get mad at all of us. He couldn't just get mad at one of us. 'Ain't nobody got... You know what? Go to bed! All y'all go to bed!' It'd be like two o'clock in the afternoon. 'Go to bed!'" Bernie Mac the royal king of the Original Kings of Comedy is salty and pissed off. The Chicago-bred performer has issues to get off his chest and he doesn't mince words when he lets loose. No surprise his live appearances have earned him a reputation as perhaps the truest voice of modern humor. Now Mac has captured his come...
Affect And Power deals and coupons

Affect And Power

in Books from eBooks
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In 1968, Winthrop D. Jordan published his groundbreaking work White Over Black: American Attitudes toward the Negro, 1550-1812 and opened up new avenues for thinking about sex, slavery, race, and religion in American culture. Over the course of a forty-year career at the University of California and the University of Mississippi, he continued to write about these issues and to train others to think in new ways about interactions of race, gender, faith, and power. Written by former students of Jordan, these essays are a tribute to the career of ...
99 Thoughts For Smaller Church Youth Workers - Physical deals and coupons
Serving as a youth worker in a smaller church can be one of the most difficult assignments?but the rewards are undeniably satisfying. You don?t have as many resources?but you know every student?s name. Your attendance drops every time that one family takes a vacation?but your smaller size gives you the flexibility to quickly and creatively adapt. You have a smaller pool of people for recruiting volunteers?but the entire church can fully adopt the youth group as its own and engage in life-shaping ministry with your teenagers. Veteran youth worke...
Wildlife - Physical deals and coupons

Wildlife - Physical

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Bible Study Topic: Biblical characters who lived in the wilderness Number of Days: 12 Each day includes: Student-focused devotional that exposes them to a variety of Bible study methods Prayer journal that teaches students a pattern of prayer to help them hear God Growth journal that encourages students to track God's work in their lives Evaluation tool that helps your team challenge themselves to improve Distinctive Elements: Over the past 15 years, thousands of students have field-tested our unique combination of Bible study, prayer and growt...
Through The Bible - Physical deals and coupons

Through The Bible - Physical

$14.99 $9.99
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Reading the Bible is one thing. Understanding it is another... Your young people need to see the Big Picture when they read the Bible?God's story rolling our throughout history, throughout lives. Share these 12 one-hour sessions with your teenagers and you'll see light bulbs pop on as they get it?and discover... How a collection of ancient books interlock?revelaing a master plan What picture of God emerges from his interactions with people Where they fit into the continuing story--now and in the future. If your teenager still think of the Bible...

"take My Heart, Oh God"

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">>All women who enjoy reading daily devotionals will be drawn to this beautifully packaged book—Take My Heart, Oh God. Perfect as a great gift for any occasion, each one-page, 150-word devotional exposition references a short, insightful quote from a famous woman writer from history or a woman on today’s bestseller lists. Each daily reading includes a Bible verse and seed prayer. This attractive book will challenge, motivate, and stir your heart, encouraging you and all the women in your life through your daily walk.>> > > >>&...
The Way I'm Wired Devotional - Physical deals and coupons
You are not an accident, and the path you're traveling isn't random. God has an intricately designed plan for you, that includes the hopes, dreams, and deepest longings given to you before you were even born. But you don?t have to aimlessly wander as you search for God?s plan; you can embark on a miraculous adventure toward purpose. Drawing on her own experience as a ministry leader, Bible teacher, and life coach, Dr. Katie Brazelton has written The Way I'm Wired to help you put together the puzzle of God's plan for your life and teach you that...
The Self-employed Woman's Guide To Launching A Home-based Business deals and coupons
Step-by-Step Advice on Making Your Home-Business Dreams a Reality From Priscilla Y. Huff, the leading expert on home businesses for women, The Self-Employed Woman's Guide to Launching a Home-Based Business is your step-by-step resource to getting the business of your dreams up and started in no time. Packed with expert advice and nitty-gritty details about what it takes to run a successful home-based business, this book will show you how to: ·Prepare—physically and mentally—for a new career from home ·Balance work and...
The Cheater's Diet: deals and coupons

The Cheater's Diet:

$16.00 $10.79
in Books from Cooking
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Lose twenty pounds in eight weeks while eating chocolate and drinking red wine? Hot New York nutritionist, Marissa Lippert, says, yes, you can. A self-professed foodie, Lippert shows readers how to cheat the right way--by balancing workouts with pigouts, anticipating stress eating and special occasions, and boozing with brains--and be happier, slimmer, and healthier than ever before. With practical tips on how to shop, cook, and find the best of everything--including local and organic foods--on a budget, The Cheater's Diet is the perfect progra...
Slim And Sexy Forever deals and coupons

Slim And Sexy Forever

$16.00 $10.39
in Books from Cooking
  • updated 2 years ago
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New in paperback! Who says you cant sizzle in the second half of life? At last, a solution! In Slim and Sexy Forever, Suzanne Somers outlines a program specifically designed to address the needs of women and men who want to lose weight and replace the lust for life that naturally wanes with age. In this baby boomers recipe for the fountain of youth, Suzanne shows you how to: melt away the unwanted pounds reinvigorate your sex drive capture youthful vitality develop a more positive outlook on life sharpen memory eliminate hot flashes ach...
You're Designed To Shine Leader Guide - Physical deals and coupons

You're Designed To Shine Leader Guide - Physical

$19.99 $15.99
  • updated 2 years ago
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Just for girls?ages 8 to 88! You?re Designed to Shine is a 6-week interactive journaling curriculum that motivates girls to make wise choices in relationships. This resource is created for teen girls, but women of all ages will want to join these encouraging, fun sessions. All the life lessons are drawn from a day at the beach combining thought-provoking reflection with big-toes-in-the-sand fun that draws participants closer to Jesus! Purchase a leader guide for you?and a journal for each girl. (Allow 1 to 2 hours for each session.) 6 sessions ...
You're Designed To Shine Student Journal - Physical deals and coupons
A companion to the You're Designed to Shine Leader Guide, these journals help girls participate fully (and easily) in the You?re Designed to Shine program. The journals are 40 beautiful pages and encourage creative response?girls can write, color, glue, and discover how God can help them shine brightly! There?s even a full page with beach-themed stickers. Just for girls?ages 8 to 88! You?re Designed to Shine is a 6-week interactive journaling curriculum that motivates girls to make wise choices in relationships. This resource is created for tee...
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