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Universal Power Pak For Nintendo Dsids Lite & Sony Psp Slim deals and coupons
Keep the game alive with Mad Catz Universal Power Pak for the Nintendo DSi/DS Lite and the Sony PSP/PSP Slim. Comprised of an AC adapter and a Car adapter, just plug into an appropriate power source for continuous gameplay, web browsing, audio playback or photo viewing. The included 5-in-1 USB Data/Power Cable lets you power up and charge a multitude of handheld devices via USB. Not just compatible with most Nintendo and Sony handheld consoles, you can also transfer data files back and forth between your PC and PSP or PSP Slim. The cable boasts...
Sanyo Inductive Charging System For Wii deals and coupons

Sanyo Inductive Charging System For Wii

  • updated 3 years ago
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Effortlessly Charge Wii Remotes with the ONLY Official Nintendo Licensed MotionPlus-Compatible Charger on the Market! Developed by SANYO and using the latest in electromagnetic inductive technology, the Wii Remote Charging System can charge up to two Wii Remotes without the hassle of removing protective silicone covers or Wii MotionPlus. Originating from the concept of looping energy and featuring a stylish, flexible design, the charger makes use of SANYO's eneloop battery, which has garnered market appraisal for its unique, user-friendly c...
Ps3 Bluetooth Headset deals and coupons

Ps3 Bluetooth Headset

  • updated 3 years ago
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Combining style with the latest technology, the Mad Catz Bluetooth Headset for the PS3 enables convenient hands-free communication. The compact, lightweight design ensures comfortable use in either ear while the noise reducing, echo eliminating mic will maintain crystal-clear sound quality throughout your online gaming sessions. Features such as volume control and muting allow you to have total control of all your conversations. Also compatible with other devices such as cell phones, PDAs and computers, the Mad Catz Bluetooth Headset is the ult...
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