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Sts-118 Jacquard Knit Polo Shirt deals and coupons

Sts-118 Jacquard Knit Polo Shirt

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Space shuttle Endeavour's STS-118 mission is the 22nd shuttle flight to the International Space Station. It will continue space station construction by delivering a third starboard truss segment. It is also the first flight of an Educator Astronaut, Mission Specialist Barbara Morgan.Our STS-118 jacquard knit polo includes the official mission insignia on a 100% preshrunk cotton pique polo with contrasting jacquard knit collar and cuffs and three wood-tone buttons.Color: White with navy jacquard collar and cuffs.
Return To Flight Space Shuttle Discovery Photo Scrapbook deals and coupons

Return To Flight Space Shuttle Discovery Photo Scrapbook

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RETURN-TO-FLIGHT: Space Shuttle Discovery Photo Scrapbook After Columbia disintegrated during entry on 1 February 2003, NASA grounded the entire Space Shuttle fleet until it could ascertain what had gone wrong and fixed the problem. Whenever an aerospace program is grounded for a prolonged period, the first flight after the grounding is often called the Return-to-Flight. After 30 months of work, NASA launched the Space Shuttle Program's Return-to-Flight ? STS-114 ? using Discovery. This flight was the most photographed Space Shuttle flight ever...
Orion Long Sleeve Twill Shirt deals and coupons

Orion Long Sleeve Twill Shirt

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Orion Long Sleeve Twill Shirt Orion will succeed the space shuttle as NASA's primary vehicle for human space exploration. Orion's first flight with astronauts onboard is planned for no later than 2015 to the International Space Station. Its first flight to the moon is planned for no later than 2020.Our Orion Stripe Collar Polo includes the official reduced project insignia and features 100% cotton twill, button-down collar, long sleeves with two-button adjustable cuffs and single-button sleeve plackets, wood-tone buttons. THIS ITEM IS A SPECIAL...
Nasa Ares I And V Replicas deals and coupons

Nasa Ares I And V Replicas

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click images for larger view The Space Store now offers a 1:144 scale desktop replica of NASA's Ares I and Ares V launch vehicles, through expert modeler Nick Proach. All designs are based on NASA reference information only.The set includes both Crew Launch Vehicle & Cargo Launch Vehicle. Superb high-fidelity detail, hand-crafted right here in North America, using continually updated specs as this program is still being planned. NASA Ares I Rocket will be used primarily to launch the Orion Spacecraft to the International Space Station (after th...
Mars: The Nasa Mission Reports Volume 2 deals and coupons

Mars: The Nasa Mission Reports Volume 2

$28.95 $22.95
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Mars: The NASA Mission Reports Vol 2 This latest volume brings the exploration of Mars up to date. Including the latest results from the amazingly successful Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, as well as progress reports from the Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey missions. The bonus DVD features: Exclusive interviews with Mars Rover Mission Scientist Steve Squyres, Senior Flight Engineer Rob Manning, Mission Manager Jim Eriksen, the complete Cornell animation of the Rovers created by Maas Digital, a NASA animation of a propose...
Astronaut Piggy Wiggy deals and coupons

Astronaut Piggy Wiggy

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From School Library Journal PreSchool-While stargazing through his telescope, PiggyWiggy imagines himself wearing a special space suit, climbing into a rocket, and preparing for blastoff. Once in space he would explore faraway planets and have grand adventures. The short text ends with the piglet safely back home in time for breakfast. Each page in this attractively designed book has a vividly colored background in a variety of bold shades: hot pink, bright blue, sunny yellow. The cartoon illustrations are playful and imaginative, featuring Pic...
Apollo 11: "the Flight To Land The First Man On The Moon" deals and coupons
Apollo 11: The Flight to land the First Man on the Moon2-DVD Plus Book Set Comes complete with the Pocket Space Guide Apollo 11 First Men on the Moon When Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins undertook man?s first voyage to the moon they were equipped with three cameras to record the historic proceedings. A 70mm Hasselblad still-camera, a Maurer 16mm movie camera and a low resolution black and white television camera. Exclusive to this DVD, for the very first time, hear the LM onboard voice recorder of Neil Armstrong during the landi...
Mars (dk Eyewitness Books) deals and coupons

Mars (dk Eyewitness Books)

$15.95 $10.95
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Discover man's spectacular race to explore Mars from early probes to the Mars Rover. Learn all about Earth's closest neighbor in this unprecedented guide to the red planet. Including up-to-the-minute data from NASA's ongoing explorations, this amazing resource tells the whole story from Mars' mystical significance in early cultures to the ambitious future plans for manned-flight explorations. Featuring beautiful full-color photography, get an up close look at the moonlets of Mars and meet the scientists who have helped advance our knowledge of ...
Dog Crew Ii Patch deals and coupons

Dog Crew Ii Patch

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Astronaut Dave Walker okayed this patch for STS-69 much to the chagrin of NASA! The Dog Crew first surfaced during STS-53 with the Commander of that mission, Navy Captain Walker, better known through his years of military service as ?Red Dog.? The pack of flight controllers, astronaut trainers, and astronauts involved in that mission eventually became known as the ?Dogs of War? and the first ?Dog Crew? was born. Walker and Jim "Dog Face" Voss, together again on STS-69, put together the Dog Crew II. Rounding out the rest of that pack was shuttle...
Early Space Pioneers Replicas deals and coupons

Early Space Pioneers Replicas

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Mercury Redstone, Mercury Atlas, & Gemini-Titan II The Early Space Pioneers commemorates the early 'Golden Years' of U.S. Manned Space Flight.This set is available in 1/100 and features the Mercury Redstone, the vehicle which put America's first man in space back in May of 1961; Mercury Atlas, which launched a series of successful manned orbital flights starting with John Glenn in 1962, and the Gemini-Titan II which launched 2-man crews aboard the Gemini spacecraft in the mid-1960s'. These models have been extensively researched to make sure th...
Apollo 11 - The Nasa Mission Reports deals and coupons

Apollo 11 - The Nasa Mission Reports

$24.95 $18.95
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After the triumphant Apollo 11 moon landing, NASA issued a complete post-flight mission report that included the observations of the crew and technical details of the flight. This report is now being published as a series for the general public, and the latest entry is Apollo 11. Edited by Robert Goodwin. (who is compiling all the mission reports from Apollos 8 through 17) Though it may be hard for those without an engineering or physics background to parse much of the text, astronomy enthusiasts will enjoy having this historical record nonethe...
Sky Walking: An Astronaut's Memoir By Tom Jones deals and coupons

Sky Walking: An Astronaut's Memoir By Tom Jones

$26.95 $21.95
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click images for larger view Moon walker, Neil Armstrong , says of Sky Walking it's a 'tell it like it is' flight crew report of living and working in space -- from the Space Shuttle to the International Space Station...An inside story--well told! The memoir is a summation of eleven years in the astronaut program, where this Distinguished Graduate of the United States Air Force and B-52 pilot spent 52 unforgettable days in earth orbit - including more than nineteen hours working outside the International Space Station during three extended peri...
Sts-41b Mission Patch deals and coupons

Sts-41b Mission Patch

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10th Space Shuttle Mission4th Flight of Challenger Crew:Vance D. Brand, CommanderRobert L. Gibson, PilotBruce McCandless II, Mission SpecialistRonald E. McNair, Mission SpecialistRobert L. Stewart, Mission Specialist The mission featured the first untethered spacewalks, which were performed by astronauts McCandless and Stewart using Manned Maneuvering Units (MMU). WESTAR-VI and PALAPA-B2 satellites were deployed, but failure of the PAM-D rocket motors left them in improper low-earth orbits.
Sigma 7 Mission Report deals and coupons

Sigma 7 Mission Report

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Sigma 7: The NASA Mission Reports "Wally Schirra's Mercury mission -- the original 'textbook flight' -- is one of those episodes in space history that deserves to be told well. This book answers that need with the most detailed account of Sigma 7 available." Andrew Chaikin, author of "A Man on the Moon." Sigma 7 - The NASA Mission Reports comes with a bonus Windows CDROMfeaturing NASA movies and images and an exclusive interview with Sigma 7 pilot Walter M. Schirra!At 7:15 a.m. on October 3, 1962, Project Mercury Astronaut Walter M. Schirra, Jr...
Moonshot: The Flight Of Apollo 11 deals and coupons

Moonshot: The Flight Of Apollo 11

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Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11 5 Star Amazon Review Large in trim size as well as topic, this stirring account retraces Apollo 11 's historic mission in brief but precise detail, and also brilliantly captures the mighty scope and drama of the achievement. Rendered in delicate lines and subtly modulated watercolors, the eye-filling illustrations allow viewers to follow the three astronauts as they lumber aboard their spacecraft for the blastoff and ensuing weeklong journey ("...there's no fresh air outside the window;/after a week this small ...
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