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Motorized Exercise Cycle

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Motorized Exercise Cycle Similar to the Lifecare Motorized Oxycycle! The Motorized Exercise Cycle is a low stress workout device that is built with convenience and mobility in mind. Specially designed for those that have a hard time sitting on a regular bike, the Exercise Cycle can be used from any regular chair or wheelchair and the comfortable pedals can accommodate feet or hands for more personalized work out. Great to use while watching TV, reading, or doing desk work, the Motorized Exercise Cycle provides a low impact exercise t...
Pedlar Light Workout Exerciser The Pedlar Light Workout Exerciser is a well built portable pedal exerciser, providing a convenient unit that allows anyone to enjoy the health benefits of a regular cardiovascular workout. Designed to deliver the full cardiovascular, circulatory, and muscle conditioning benefits derived from cycling, the Pedlar Exerciser works just as well for arms as it does for legs, improving cardiovascular health, flexibility, muscle tone and strength. Ready to use right from the box, the Pedlar Light Workout Ex...
Magnetrainer ER Cardio PC Interface The Magnetrainer ER Cardio PC Interface is designed to enhance your cardio workout by allowing you to track day-to-day exercise progress and interact with PC games on your computer. Made to work with the Genuine Magnetrainer ER Mini Exercise Bike (A16511), it connects to your PC through a USB port to let you monitor heart rate, time, speed, distance, approximate calories burned and provides a plot of your pedal motion. The Magnetrainer ER Cardio PC Interface also interacts with other software and ...
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