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French Burnt Peanuts

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These French burnt peanuts used to be sold by the scoopful at the corner candy store, Now, they are a bit harder to find. Delicious, fresh Spanish peanuts, covered in a crunchy candy shell. A favorite of dads and grandpa's everywhere! These prickly candy

Dill Weed Spice Bag

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Dill is a bright, tasty addition to dips and dressings, white sauces and soups. It is commonly used with poultry, fish, egg and cheese dishes. The herb is popular for dishes containing mushrooms or spinach, and is great with lamb. Kamenstein Dill Weed Spice Bag, 0.42 oz. (12 g) dry measure.

Chopped Bay Leaves Spice Bag

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Bay leaves are a culinary herb often used in soups, stews, sauces, and marinades. It goes well with fish, beef, poultry, lamb, rice and lentils. Bay leaves lose their flavor slowly, so they are often used in tomato sauces. Always remove the leaf before serving. Kamenstein Chopped Bay Leaves Spice Bag, 0.5 oz. (14 g) dry measure.
This delicious seasoning mix helps provide all six tastes in the appropriate proportions for Pitta balancing effect. Use in cooking, add to your meals, or choose according to the season.

Loganberry Jam

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A natural occurring cross between blackberries and red raspberries. Highly prized in pies, jams and jellies.
Frosted Flakes breakfast cereal individual servings in super-size-to-go cups.
This is a taste that will bring you back to your childhood. Entner’s Root Beer syrup will bring you back to the malt shop. Instead of a root beer float, you can capture that same delicious flavor by adding just a touch of this delicious syrup.
Entner will have you feeling like you’re sitting around the campfire, with its delicious Toasted Marshmallow syrup. The sweet taste added to any hot beverage will have you reminiscing about the camping trips of your youth.
The exotic unique taste of Pomegranate is now captured in Entner’s syrup. The exquisite taste which so many people are growing to love can be add easily and affordably. Once you taste the delicious Pomegranate taste, you’ll be ready to order another bottle.
The delicious taste of passion fruit is now captured in Entner’s Passion Fruit Syrup. The exotic fruit taste blends perfectly and evenly in any hot beverage. It also is the perfect addition to any desert. Try it instead of or addition to sugar and you’ll have everyone in your family smiling.
The freshness of peppermint is a perfect addition to almost anything. Now, Entner allows you to add that peppermint taste easily and conveniently in its syrup. The peppermint flavor is one of a kind too.
There is nothing like a sweet Georgia peach, until now. Entner captures that sweet Georgia peach taste in a delicious syrup. Adding just a bit of the syrup will sweeten up your desert, your beverage, and your day!
The citrusy taste of Apricot is delivered perfectly in Entner Syrup. For those looking for a fruity kick, the syrup is certain to satisfy. Whether you’re a baker, or just like some sweetness added to your day, Entner Apricot syrup will be perfect for you.

Triticale Flour

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Stone milled triticale flour is made from 100% of the bran, germ, and endosperm of whole grain triticale berries. breads without the addition of wheat. Use 100% triticale flour, mix your ingredients, knead 3-5 minutes (about half the time as wi
These chocolate coated sunflower seeds are amazingly delicious. Tantalizing sunflower seeds coated in smooth milk chocolate and a beautiful white candy shell. These really look and taste great. These are wickedly awesome and a new favorite of everyone at
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