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Spyer Thumb Size Super Mini Color Video Audio Camc - Black

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This is the patented smallest belt-clip digital video camera in the world with high resolution image and voice activated recording. Its unique, ultra small, and has a stylish design with its most advanced cutting-edge video recording technology that makes this device the most favorite gadget for James Bond type people. Its designed for multiuse and gives users great ease for recording in different circumstances like golf court, beach, sporting activities, concert, home security, party, business meetings, interviews, and evidence collection, etc...

Spyer Pen Camcorder Pro - Black

  • updated 3 years ago
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One of the World's Smallest Color Digital Video Recorder lets you record video in your T-Shirt pocket or pen holder on desk and anywhere. No Need to install any driver. Ideal for both spy camera & hidden camera. With built-in rechargeable lithium battery it allows you to record both video and voice. This is one of the most useful spy gadgets we have ever tried. The built in DVR makes this truly portable, wearable, and spy worthy. It features an internal memory of up to 2 or 4 GB, real time recording in AVI format, video playback on PC, USB char...
The SecuriX Desk Clock with Digital Motion Activated Hidden Camcorder is not just a regular clock, but it is actually a pin-hole camcorder, recording video onto a SD card with a motion activated sensor. It is ideal for office, home, and stores that use surveillance because nobody will ever know that they are being watched. The SecuriX Hidden Camcorder not only has a fully functional clock but also has hidden motion detection video recorder. Every movement in front of the lens triggers a video and it has a patented cycle of recording function, w...
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