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This Motion Detection Travel Alarm Clock HD Color Camcorder comes with mini remote controller and supports up to 32GB micro SD card memory. It is not just a regular alarm clock; it is actually a motion-activated pin-hole HD camcorder, taking video onto a SD card with motion activated function and let you view your recorded video or photo on your computer, cell phone, and digital camera. It is ideal for office, home, stores, and on-the-go eyewitness covert surveillance because nobody will ever know that they are being watched. Why wasting time o...

Spyer Id Card Pin-hole Color Video Recorder - Blue

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This is the first portable Pin-Hole Color Video Recorder in the world, which can be used as a mini DVR and a photo camera. It is popular in the fields of business, education, security, media, legal, tourism, etc. due to its elegant appearance and easy operation. It records in AVI format and features a USB power supply, a built in lithium battery, 1 hour of recording time. SD memory card not included.
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