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Medmemory Credit Card 2gb

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MedMemory Credit Card 2GB Sleek Medical Smart Card is the size of an Insurance Card for easy portability in your wallet or purse. USB Port with 2GB of memory slides out from the side of the credit card model In An Emergency Critical medical information about your conditions, medications, allergies and advanced directives are available in a flash Routine Physician Visit Prevent errors, save time and insure accuracy while at your physicians offices. Control Your Information Have access and contro

Medmemory Value Model 2gb

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MedMemory Value Model 2GBUltra light design, Affordable, Free Lanyard, Keychain Ultra portable and ultra lightweight design. USB Port with 2GB of memory at the rear. Keychain attachment. Free lanyard attachment for necklace or attachment to other locations. Bright Medical labeling quickly alerts medical personnel to the patient's special needs medical history, allergies, and information in the event that the patient is unconscious or can not provide history. In An Emergency Critical medical inf
Pictures on Gold is proud to now offer the revolutionary MedMemory Personal Heath Record. The MedMemory PHR is the future of medial records and the next great advancement of the concept started by the medical ID bracelet. The MedMemory PHR is the only product on the market that combines a HIPAA compliant flash drive and a concierge service that can assist you in loading your medical data.Why You Need A MedMemory PHR TodayAs an electronic medical record PHR device, MedMemory can store a dazzling