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Bamboo Yoga Block

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As a solution to environmentally harmful foam blocks. Natural Fitness offers our Bamboo Yoga Block. This product allows you to improve your yoga practice while achieving more environmental balance. It is made from bamboo, a sustainable natural resource, and provides strength and stability. Its natural look and feel can help provide the sense of peace and tranquility required for your yoga practice while helping protect our environment. 9'' x 6'' x 4''.Product Features:Environmentally friendlyLightweight, strong & stableNatural with comfortable ...
Buy the Hemp Yoga Mat Duffle & Powerhouse Pilates Fitness Mat together and save! Hemp Yoga Mat The Natural Fitness extra large Hemp Yoga Mat Duffle will hold even extra thick yoga mats and other tools such as towel, block, and water bottle. It has a special double zipper running its full length, creating a large mouth opening to effortlessly put your yoga mat into the bag ...which cannot be said of the standard tube designed bag that sticks to the mat as you attempt to put it into the tiny opening. The sustainable hemp/cotton fabric bag f...