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"Panasonic BB-HCH2R, The Panasonic BB-HCH2R aluminum corner mount lets you mount your outdoor security camera housing on the corner of a building. The mounting plate attaches firmly to the building while offering an angled surface for attaching a wall mount bracket. Pre-drilled holes in the black aluminum plate let you pass cables through, keeping wires safe and neat. BB-HCH2R Features: Network Camera Mount, Aluminum Corner Mount, Use With: Panasonic BB-HCH280P, BB-HCH280W, BB-HCH280RP, BB-HCH280R, orBB-HCH280CT Network Camera Domes"
"Bellman MAXI-HP Brand New Includes Two Year Warranty, The Bellman MAXI-HP is a revolutionary assistive listening device that uses digital state-of-the-art technology to bring out speech and music in difficult listening situations. It is intuitively user friendly and it is designed for those who prefer an easy to use device offering large tactile controls with clear indicators . The Audio MAXI-HP offers clear crisp superior sound quality, with enhanced digital technology to clarify speech and reduce annoying background noise and feedback. Its u...
"Plantronics 81292-01, The Plantronics 81292-01 is a pack of three small size eartips for Plantronics Voyager PRO. 81292-01 Features: Small Eartips, Pack of 3, For Use w/ Plantronics Models: Voyager Pro"
"Panasonic BB-HCH2P, The Panasonic BB-HCH2P aluminum pole mount allows Panasonic s network camera dome housings to be mounted on a pole. The bracket is constructed of durable aluminum and will mount to any pole 3-15"" in diameter. BB-HCH2P Features: Network Camera Mount, Aluminum Pole Mount, Use With: Panasonic BB-HCH280P, BB-HCH280W, BB-HCH280RP, BB-HCH280R, or BB-HCH280CT Network Camera Domes"
"Plantronics 72913-01, The Plantronics 72913-01 ear tip kit for CS70 includes 2 foam eartips and 3 gel eartips. 72913-01 Features: Ear Tip Kit, 2 Foam Eartips, 3 Gel Eartips, For Use w/ Plantronics Models: CS70, CS70 HL10, CS70N, CS70N HL10"
"Plantronics 45650-03 Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, The Plantronics 45650-03 is a pivot ball with ring for the CT14, which fits around the speaker portion of the convertible DuoSet headset allowing the post of the ear hook to be inserted. The 45650-03 is used when wearing the DuoSet headset in over-the-ear mode. 45650-03 Features: Pivot Ball w/ Ring, Pivot Ring for DuoSet, Fits Around the Speaker Portion, Over-The-Ear Mode"