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Crosley 1950's Pay Phone - Brushed Chrome

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The very familiar 3-slot style pay phone was first introduced in the 1950s and remained virtually unchanged until 1965. This appropriately christened prepay-style pay station will take you back to the days of old fashioned phone booths and 10-cent phone

Crosley 302 Desk Phone - Brushed Chrome

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The 302 Desk Phone is a statement of style, grace and elegance. The 302 phone was introduced in 1937 and was the first in the collection to incorporate the bell in the base of the unit. Designed by Henry Dreyfuss and originally cast in metal, this piece w

Telephone Amplifier

$19.98 $14.99
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Adjustable telephone amplifier multiplies sound up to three times. Great for anyone who has difficulty hearing phone conversations. Easily install between the handset and phone base. Compatible with standard and electronic phones, single or multi-line. Fe
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