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Wipe Kleen Windsheild Washer Easy Cleaning System deals and coupons
Large microfiber cleaning cloth cleans entire windshield quickly and easily with just plain tap water chemical free! Specially designed shape cleans even impossible to reach areas. Perfect for cars trucks RV s boats motorcycle snowmobile home and office. Clean your windshield with less work and less time even in hard to reach spots. Features and includes: * Reuseable * Machine washable * Earth friendly no chemicals needed to clean your windshield * Pivoting head * Detachable handle for easy storage * Long 17 reach handle * Extra cleaning cloth ...
Shelcore Shake N Bobbles Hazard Highway deals and coupons

Shelcore Shake N Bobbles Hazard Highway

$79.99 $35.99
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Fasten your seatbelt and let s get shakin ! We re headed for the Shake n Bobbles Grip n Zip Hazard Highway. But uh oh it s still under construction! Set the daredevil driver into a bobble hotrod position the car at the starting gate press the driver s head lower the gate and off he goes. Watch as his grip wheel car design provides grip n zip action around the track. These hotrods can climb up hills with ease cruise around corners and then zip down and around bobblin all the way. Have this courageous driver travel the finished highway route. Or ...
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