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The Red Badge of Courage deals and coupons

The Red Badge Of Courage

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This classic novel of the American Civil War evokes the horrors of battle and the psychology of fear as it recounts the experience of a young, untried Union Army volunteer. Henry Fleming longs to prove himself by winning the "red badge beyond all doubt. But when he finally does come under fire, he learns the grim truth about war's "glory" and the real meaning of bravery.Although he now makes his home in Memphis, Tennessee, Shelby Foote comes from a long line of Mississippians. He is the author of six novels -- Tournament; Follow ...
The Completely Revised And Updated Fast-food Guide deals and coupons
Totally revised and updated, this is the guide that eliminates the guesswork of ordering at a fast-food restaurant by presenting the facts-all of them. Certainly, due to public pressure, fast-food restaurants now offer a few healthier choices than they used to. But the pitfalls still remain.For the second edition, the authors have included a greatly expanded and separate ingredients section that handily lists every ingredient in virtually every item found on the menus of 15 major fast food chains. New cholesterol, saturated fat, and shortening ...
Southern Daughter deals and coupons

Southern Daughter

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Gone With the Wind is an American phenomenon. Arguably the most popular American novel of all time, it sold over a million copies in its first six months (in the heart of the Depression), won a Pulitzer Prize for its author, and more remarkable still, returned to the New York Times Best Seller list fifty years after its first appearance. Crowning its glory, David O. Selznick transformed the novel into one of the great films of all time, lifting its characters--especially the unforgettable Scarlett O'Hara and her lover-antagonist Rhett Butler--...
Freud, Adler, And Jung deals and coupons

Freud, Adler, And Jung

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Freud, Adler, and Jung : Volume Three: Discovering the Mind (Discovering the Mind, Volume 3) by Kaufmann, and Walter Arnold Reprint Published in 1992 by Transaction Publishers
Modernity And Mass Culture deals and coupons

Modernity And Mass Culture

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Modernity and Mass Culture is a wide-ranging analysis of the relationship among industrialization, democracy, and art in the 20th century. US and British scholars discuss the interaction of "high," "popular," and "mass" art, showing how Western culture as a whole is affected by the transition from the modern to the postmodern era. Their essays deal with advertisements, films, recorded music, television, and mass-market literature. Among the topics discussed are assembly-line manufacturing, home entertainment, po...
The Soft-Hackled Fly and Tiny Soft Hackles deals and coupons

The Soft-hackled Fly And Tiny Soft Hackles

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Sylvester Nemes is singlehandedly responsible for the popularity of the soft-hackled fly in American fly fishing today. The Soft-Hackled Fly, Nemes's first book, written in 1975, was the catalyst for the resurgence. Now revised with ten new chapters on tiny flies and full-color photos, Nemes shares colorful experiences at home and abroad, the history of the soft-hackled fly, and illustrated step-by-step instructions for tying the flies. He also describes his technique of fishing the flies.
How to Do Your Own Divorce in California (29th Edition) deals and coupons
Attorneys seldom charge less than $2,000 even for a simple divorce, and the rates can skyrocket from there. This complete guide does all that an attorney does and more for $29.95. Newly updated, How to Do Your Own Divorce in California covers everything a Californian needs to know about filing for divorce. Part one details how property can be divided and how to settle issues of custody, visitation and child support. Part two explains the court process step by step ? how to complete each of the forms and file them with the court clerk; when to f...
High-tech Ventures deals and coupons

High-tech Ventures

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High-Tech Ventures is for those who design, build, and market innovative products—people who are creating the high-tech world of the future. More specifically it is for all engineers, engineering managers, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs. Although engineers are responsible for identifying products and businesses that might benefit their company, all too often their suggestions are rejected. The products don’t fit within the current business, or they threaten the status quo. Thus, start-up companies are the main arena for innovation...
Chameleon deals and coupons


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A hooker dressed in a nun's habit is shot dead at the shrine of her sister's convent. No clues, no motive and scant leads present the police with a parish puzzler. Father Robert Koesler attends the woman's wake, and soon finds himself swept into a bizarre and chilling case of multiple murders that begins with a nun under the gun and ends with Koesler under a cardinal's cassock. Thirteenth in this successful series. A Mystery Guild selection. "An outstanding character study from a master mystery writer." (Richmond Times Dispatch)
Challenges Of Astronomy deals and coupons

Challenges Of Astronomy

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Challenges of Astronomy in a unique collection of thirty astronomy experiments ranging from ancient astronomy to cosmology. Each of the experiments contains one or more challenges for the reader. The progression is from the Earth outward through the solar system to the stellar and galactic realm. Topics include the shape of the sky, Stonehenge as a stoneage abacus, determination of the size of the Earth, the distance of the Moon and planets, Kepler's laws, planetary mass and density, the temperatures and atmospheres of planets, the speed of lig...
Armageddon Oil And The Middle East Crisis deals and coupons
Armageddon Oil and the Middle East Crisis : What the Bible Says About the Future of the Middle East and the End of Western Civilization by John F. Walvoord Rev Sub Published in 1991 by Zondervan
The Character Of King Arthur In Medieval Literature (arthurian Studies) deals and coupons
Dr Morris examines how the legend grew through the retelling of what medieval writers believed was the story of an historical figure, based not on some lost Welsh biography, but on Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain, the `authorised' version of Arthur's career. She looks at his antecedents, the story of his conception and birth, and his accession, moving on to discuss his warfare, his role in peacetime, his relationships with his family, his personal attributes, and his problematical death, showing how Arthur remains a disti...
Growing Up With Divorce deals and coupons

Growing Up With Divorce

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In the 1990s, 40 percent of all children growing up in America will experience the often devastating impact of a parental divorce. Now, here are reassuring practical strategies for dealing with your children's varied emotional responses to the event. Using extensive examples drawn from his own clinical experience and research, Dr. Neil Kalter describes the three universal stages of divorce, and how each stage affects children in various age groups--from infancy through adolescence. Inside, Dr. Kalter gives expert advice on how to: Recognize the...
Three Months In The Southern States deals and coupons

Three Months In The Southern States

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The American Civil War was at a turning point in 1863 when Lt. Col. Arthur J. L. Fremantle of the British Coldstream Guards toured the Confederacy. Mildly predisposed toward the Union side because of his dislike of slavery, he was soon awakened to the gallantry of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and his generals, ordinary Johnny Rebs, and the women left at home. From April to early July 1863—the critical period of campaigns at Vicksburg, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg—Fremantle traveled from the Texas frontier to northern Virginia,...
Photo-journal Guide To Comics Volume 1 A-k (a-j) deals and coupons
This volume display hundreds of full-color photos of comic book covers spanning from the earliest years of Comics' Golden Age (1938-45) through the dawn of its Silver Age in the mid-1950s. The first volume contains titles beginning with letters A-J. HC, 10x14, 452pg, FC