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I Run, Therefore I Am Nuts Book, Softcover, 264 Pages deals and coupons
Popular running humorist Bob Schwartz pokes fun at the idiosyncratic personalities of runners and the funny situations they encounter in training, eating, racing, preparing for races and revolving their everyday lives around running. You will laugh your way through amusing stories illustrated with cartoons by artist B.K. Taylor, whose drawings have appeared in many national publications. (Book) 264 pages, soft cover
Vegetarian Sports Nutrition Book, Softcover, 272 Pages deals and coupons
Relying on the recent evidence-based research, Vegetarian Sports Nutrition details the performance and health benefits of vegetarianism, including enhanced muscle recovery and optimal bone health. With tailored meal plans and training strategies, you will learn to make smart nutritional decisions and to properly fuel your body throughout your training regimen. This comprehensive resource simplifies the process of determining your energy, protein, vitamin and mineral needs and monitoring carbohydrate and fat intake. (Book) 272 pages, soft cover
National Trust Complete Traditional Recipe Book deals and coupons
Offering the best of traditional British cooking, these recipes range from starters to puddings: Medieval Braised Rabbit with Prunes, Apple Hat and College Pudding and delicate desserts like Damson Snow and Marbled Rose Cream. Though the emphasis is on the practical, historical background is also included. Author Sarah Edington was a professional cook for many years, running her own catering business with the National Trust and the Victoria and Albert Museum among her customers. Hardcover, 336 pages, 8" x 10"
Power Eating Book, Softcover, 328 Pages deals and coupons

Power Eating Book, Softcover, 328 Pages

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Power Eating combines the most up-to-date scientific and practical advice to address the unique nutritional requirements of the power athlete. The result is an approach that has helped thousands of athletes reach their physique and performance goals - safely and legally. This third edition incorporates the latest nutrition principles and recommendations, a revised supplement rating system and more recipes and meal plans. (Book) 328 pages, soft cover
Precision Heart-rate Training Book, Softcover, 224 Pages deals and coupons
With heart rate monitors (HRMs), athletes can use high-tech biofeedback training to develop sophisticated programs for better performance. These wireless devices monitor the body's levels of cardiovascular and physiological stress during exercise, so users can adjust their training intensity for the safest, most effective workouts. Get training suggestions and sample workouts - plus learn how to find the optimal training intensity, design an effective training program and adjust workout intensity. (Book) 224 pages, soft cover
Crimes of Dr Watson Interactive Sherlock Holmes Mystery Book deals and coupons
This never-before-published interactive adventure from the pen of Dr. John Watson, steadfast companion of the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes, will appeal to mystery lovers of all ages. As the tale opens, we discover that Holmes has vanished and Watson has been framed for a grisly murder. Writing from a damp cell, the falsely convicted prisoner recounts the events leading to his arrest - and provides twelve removable clues that point to the true culprit. It is up to you to solve the thrilling whodunit. Then slice open the final signature of...
Commemorative London Times World War I Newspaper Book deals and coupons
Relive the events of World War I through the news stories as originally reported by the London Times. This book compiles a unique record of the First World War - from the outbreak of the war in 1914 to Armistice Day and burial of the Unknown Soldier on November 12, 1920, through news stories as they were originally reported. The stories are recreated from the original Times newspaper coverage, and you'll find it fascinating to see how they were viewed and interpreted by reporters as they happened. 153 pages, hardcover
Lactate Threshold Training Book, Softcover, 312 Pages deals and coupons
As an endurance athlete, you need to race and train as fast as possible without hitting the wall from high levels of lactic acid in your bloodstream. This innovative book explains the theory behind the training and presents practical programs to improve your lactate threshold and race faster than ever before. (Book) 312 pages, soft cover
Sports Injuries Guidebook Book, Softcover, 280 Pages deals and coupons
Injuries happen, so be prepared. This authoritative, quick reference guide provides coverage of over 130 injuries. Easy-to-find entries include a description of common causes, injury identification cues, explanation of symptoms, anatomical illustrations, treatment options and a plan for returning to action quickly and safely. Sports Injuries Guidebook also ensures that you will be spending more time in the game than on the sidelines with coverage on conditioning, body maintenance and nutrition to keep injuries at bay. (Book) 280 pages, soft cov...
Full-body Flexibility Book, Softcover, 216 Pages deals and coupons
Full-Body Flexibility presents a unique system that blends the best stretching methods from yoga, Pilates, martial arts and sports training into stretching sequences that challenge and strengthen your muscles. Sequences are organized by body region and type of movement so you can quickly find a flexibility workout ranging from 10 to 40 minutes. The workouts help you to target tight muscle groups and relieve tension around problem joints, increase effectiveness of specific movements and warm up and cool down for your specific activity. (Book) 21...
Paris Then And Now deals and coupons

Paris Then And Now

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Tour Paris, one of the most romantic cities in the world, in this stunning collection of past-and-present photographs that pay tribute to the city's fabulous architecture and heritage. Captivating then-and-now photographs of Paris's most famous attractions give readers a vivid glimpse of the city, including the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Champs Élysées, the Pont Neuf, the Arc de Triomphe and the Moulin Rouge. Tour other unexpected Parisian landmarks, such as the Paris Opera, the Gare d'Orsay and the Madeleine Church, as well as...
Pilates Book, Softcover, 360 Pages deals and coupons

Pilates Book, Softcover, 360 Pages

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Strengthen, lengthen and sculpt your muscles with the full range of Pilates exercises. World-renowned Pilates expert Rael Isacowitz shows you the same repertoire that he has used to train 10 Olympians. Pilates presents an in-depth treatment of mat work and Pilates apparatus, including photo illustrations and detailed breathing instruction. With 210 exercises in all, this is the most comprehensive guide available on the Pilates method. (Book) 360 pages, soft cover
Morning Cardio Workouts Book, Softcover, 224 Pages deals and coupons
Morning Cardio Workouts explains how to maximize the benefits of your morning exercise routine. With a variety of workouts, you can customize a program that fits your needs and your schedule. It includes outdoor walking and running and indoor activities such as stair stepping, elliptical training and swimming. Various options allow you to diversify your routine, eliminate boredom and remain dedicated to your fitness goals. (Book) 224 pages, soft cover
Complete Conditioning For Hockey Book, Softcover, 232 Pages deals and coupons
Hockey players are bigger, faster and stronger than ever before. This special book and DVD package features a comprehensive training approach that will build players' physical abilities as well as the hockey-specific skills required for skating, puck handling, passing, shooting and body checking. The book contains assessment tests for determining a player's fitness status along with programs designed to improve balance, quickness, agility, speed and strength. (Book + DVD) 232 pages, soft cover and approx. 1 hr. 30 mins.
Serious Cycling Book, Softcover, 304 Pages deals and coupons
Use the training methods top cyclists use. Serious Cycling takes the latest scientific data on physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, training and injury prevention and translates it into practical applications that will have an immediate impact on your personal training program. Written by one of cycling's top experts, this book will help you build endurance, increase lactate threshold and enhance cycling strength and power. (Book) 304 pages, soft cover