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The Reef Aquarium Volume 3 deals and coupons

The Reef Aquarium Volume 3

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The long-awaited next book in this popular series. Covers new ideas in filtration, lighting, and system design, plumbing, pumping, and electrical design, foods and feeding, new aquascaping techniques
Barrons Piranhas deals and coupons

Barrons Piranhas

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Piranhas make fascinating additions to many hobbyists' fish tanks. Books in this series are written by breeders, trainers, veterinarians, and other pet-care specialists. Advice on purchasing, feeding,
Barrons Your First Marine Aquarium deals and coupons
Starting a marine aquarium is a fairly complex undertaking for ambitious aquarium hobbyists. Discusses many aspects of marine aquarium maintenance and presents clear instructions on creating the corre
Barrons Lake Tanganyikan Cichlids deals and coupons
These fish species come in many interesting and colorful varieties available to aquarium hobbyists. Titles in the extensive series provide pet owners with basic information on keeping healthy, content
Barrons Guppies,mollies,platys deals and coupons
Here is detailed information on feeding, breeding, and maintaining a healthful tank environment. Provide pet owners with basic information on keeping healthy, contented, well-cared-for animals. Facts
Barrons Setting Up An Aquarium deals and coupons
Here's advice and information for beginners on choosing a tank, equipment, appropriate water plants, and substrate, controlling algae, and populating the new aquarium with a colorful selection of fres
Barrons Discus Fish deals and coupons

Barrons Discus Fish

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Freshwater aquarium hobbyists will find all the information and advice they need on advice on purchasing, feeding, health care, and all other aspects of responsible discus ownership.
Barrons Lake Malawi Cichlids deals and coupons

Barrons Lake Malawi Cichlids

  • updated 1 year ago
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Aquarium hobbyists will find everything they need to know about this interesting species of tropical fish. Advice and instruction covers feeding, housing, health care, and much more.
The Simple Guide To Mini-reef Aquariums deals and coupons
A step-by-step guide to setting up your first mini-reef tank, including important water parameters, filtration, invertebrate compatibility, acceptable fish, and much more.
Barrons Aquarium Plants Manual deals and coupons
For experienced hobbyists and beginners, here are short profiles on more than 40 different plants combined with details on selecting and maintaining water plants. There's even a section on how plants