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Bead-ready Magnifying Glass - Silver deals and coupons
Create beautiful desk supplies that are sure to be noticed and admired. Just be ready to make more for family and friends once they see your works of art. 9-1/2 magnifying glass is designed to be customized with your favorite beads. Includes one silver finish magnifying glass. Beads not included. Delphi artist Melanie Churchill created the set below.
Miniscope Refill Kit deals and coupons

Miniscope Refill Kit

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A Miniscope reflects the colors of a revolving stained glass wheel, which you construct. Combine the design of kaleidoscopes with the thousands of colors of stained glass and your creative possibilities are limitless. Refill kit includes all the parts of the Miniscope Kit except for the pattern and instructions. Refill kits are perfect for people who have built this project before; you receive three precut pieces of front surface mirror and all the hardware. Finished Miniscope measures 8. Images courtesy of Clarity Glass Designs.
Pre-cut Surface Mirror Pack - For Oil Wand And Fused Kaleidoscopes deals and coupons
Designing Your Own Kaleidoscope? This pre-cut front surface is a great time saver. Three pieces per set with 8 felt feet. (includes two 1 x 7-3/4 and one 7/16 x 7-3/4). Can also be used as refills for the Oil Wand and Fused Kaleidoscope Kits . Note Image above shows both kit in package and out of package.
Inland 8 Diamond Flat Lap - 100 Grit deals and coupons
Use this 100 grit diamond lap pad to grind away rough edges, shape pieces and create straight, flat surfaces. When used as part of a multi-stage grinding and polishing process it and 39;s easy to create smooth finished edges with a professional look. 8 diameter, ?? arbor hole. 100 grit.
Pmc Glass Enamel And Dichroic Glass Dvd deals and coupons
Bring exciting colors to your silver metal clay projects with enamels and dichroic glass. This is truly the next level of artistry. Get a class in your own home with thorough explanations and demonstrations from Precious Metal Clay Certified Senior Instructor Linda Bernstein. Learn techniques for adding enamels on stamped images, syringe cloisonne, enamel fades, and making metal clay bezels for dichroic glass cabochons. 53 minutes.
Stained Glass Kaleidoscope Kit deals and coupons

Stained Glass Kaleidoscope Kit

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Make a large stained glass kaleidoscope that you and your family are sure to treasure. Create this uniquely designed kaleidoscope with its 10 tapered viewing tube and two rotating hexagonal color wheels. The kit contains the axle hardware, patterns and instructions. All you need is the stained glass and mirror. Delphi Tip Create kaleidoscopes with crisp, pristine images by using Front Surface, also called First Surface Mirror M5397.
Extra Hands Plus deals and coupons

Extra Hands Plus

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Ever Felt You Needed a third Hand? Now You Have It. Similar to our very popular Extra Hands tool, this version has the added feature of an adjustable magnifying glass, to help you see the most intricate detail. If you and 39;ve ever burned your fingers trying to work on small projects or had trouble attaching rings to suncatchers and panels, you will agree this handy tool is priceless. It adjusts to virtually any position or angle, giving you the freedom to use both hands. Ideal for stained glass and jewelry artists.
Replacement Wheel For Fletcher-terry Circle/oval Cutter deals and coupons
This replacement cutting wheel fits the Fletcher-Terry Circle and Oval Cutter ( 5111). It and 39;s made of tugsten carbide and provides superior quality and consistency.
Replacement Blade For Easy-cut Lead Cutters deals and coupons
Pack of 2 replacement blades for the Easy-Cut Lead Cutter. Blades are stiffer than standard razor blades, ensuring a crisp cut every time.
Badger Professional Airbrush deals and coupons

Badger Professional Airbrush

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The versatility of the Badger Model 150 dual action, internal mix, siphon (bottom) feed airbrush allows for a broad range of applications, making it a great all-purpose choice. With the Badger 150 Professional Airbrush you can control both the air and the paint flow, allowing for pinpoint accuracy control for both general and precise detailed work. Best of all, paint travels directly to the nozzle, bypassing the airbrush body entirely, so it and 39;s easy to clean. Simply soak or spray clean your nozzle, and you are ready for your next project....
Wetting Solution - 4 Oz deals and coupons

Wetting Solution - 4 Oz

$19.95 $10.00
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This specially formulated solution is designed to help prevent air bubbles in Freeze and 39;N and 39; Fuse projects. Simply mix the Wetting Solution with powdered frit and water before casting in your mold for projects with exceptional clarity and smooth, glossy surfaces. 4 oz. bottle. Includes mixing instructions.
Round Sponges With Handles - 3 Pack deals and coupons

Round Sponges With Handles - 3 Pack

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The Secret for Painting Perfect Circles Easily add painted circles to your projects with this essential set of round sponges. Press sponges lightly for a textured effect, or press heavily for a solid painted circle. Convenient wooden applicator handles keeps your hands clean. Set includes 1/4 sponge, 3/4 sponge, and 1-1/4 sponge. Artist Tamara Clarady painted vase 86038 with sponges.
Harmony Fine Art Sepia Decals deals and coupons

Harmony Fine Art Sepia Decals

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Add beautiful decals to your fused projects in an elegant sepia tone. Soak decal in water to remove from backing, apply to glass and fire to permanently fuse design onto glass surface. Assortment includes 12 decals, 4 of each design shown, in 2 sizes with instructions and firing schedule. Decals measure approximately 2-7/8 and 1-1/4 high. Decals feature drawings by Artist Fanny Dallaire, project images courtesy of L and 39;Art du Moment.
1/4 Tip For Hobby 100 Iron deals and coupons

1/4 Tip For Hobby 100 Iron

$7.95 $4.00
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Replacement tip for Hobby 100 Soldering Iron 42579. 1/4 iron chisel style tip is perfect for soldered art jewelry projects.
Oil Wand Kaleidoscope Kit deals and coupons

Oil Wand Kaleidoscope Kit

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Cascades of color and explosions of light appear as the materials in the wand flow past the kaleidoscope mirrors. The mirrors are arranged to create an image with fourteen radial sections instead of the usual six. Contains an 11 smooth Oil-Filled Wand, three precut pieces of aluminized front surface mirror, two large metal jump rings, two rubber O-rings, cardboard patterns, instructions, and illustrations. Also included are instructions for a glass stand, and five additional versions of the basic design. You supply foil, solder and one square f...