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Brookstone Podz Rechargeable Wireless Speakers

$199.99 $79.99
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Unleash your stereo with a remarkable wireless speaker system! These rechargeable wireless speakers allow you to take your music anywhere to spaces traditional speakers can t reach or fit. These wireless speaker systems are incredibly easy to use. Simply attach the transmitter to your stereo TV or MP3 and pipe tunes to every corner of your house or yard. Order your wireless speaker system today and see how good going wireless sounds. Brookstone wireless speaker systems are small in size but huge on sound! Now there are no barriers to getting yo...

Super Sounds Portable Sound Amplifier

$29.99 $9.99
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Don t miss out on anything bring the sounds of the world closer than ever with this compact lightweight portable sound amplifier. Perfect for meetings lectures sporting events personal conversations watching TV theater or church. Earphones are ergonomically designed for comfort and the 3H x 2W x .5D amplifier conveniently clips to your belt or slips into your pocket.
Add a Blast to Video Games a CD and a DVD with Crystal Clear Universal 2D Stereo Surround Sound System by I Tec. Ideal for: Video Games CD and DVD! Features included: * Stereo Speakers Provide Better Gaming Experience * Simulate Home Theater Experience While Watching a DVD * AV Selector Eliminates Disconnecting & Reconnecting Cables * Play a CD For Stereo Surround Sound * Connects Up To 4 Components * Black in color
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