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Wilson400 ultra low loss cables have many uses in cellular amplifier systems as they allow extension of different parts of the system without preventatively attenuating the signal. They can be connected between a cell phone amplifier and an external antenna or between an amplifier and an internal antenna. The extension between the various components of a cellular amplifier system is important because if these parts are too close this could prevent operation of your cell phone amplifier. The Wilson400 cables have N/Male connectors at both ends, ...
The AirLink Helix RT commercial 3G router provides a secure, broadband connection for data and computing devices in field or remote locations. A highly intelligent platform with comprehensive remote management, the Helix RT simplifies commercial data solutions. Helix RT combines the reliability of ALEOS, the embedded intelligent technology, with the robust remote configuration tools of the ACEwareâ„¢, a proven management software suite. Helix RT is the first ALEOS powered product that is built on a full routing platform, providing comp...
For ease of installation, our rugged reinforced fiberglass extenders are now available with a factory installed RUPP locking collar. The RUPP patented locking collar holds the antenna securely and conveniently unlocks for lowering. RUPP mounting arms are required; sold separately through a RUPP dealer. Our antenna extenders are used to increase the height of an antenna to improve effective range or to place an antenna above on-board obstructions that may interfere with proper radiation.
All Satellite Antenna Extension Cables Feature: * Our exclusive high-quality DA195 Ultraflex cable * Factory attached mini-UHF male and mini-UHF female connectors 195-25FM * 25’ cable length 195-50FM * 50’ cable length
240-10FM * 10’ of our exclusive DA240 cable * Factory attached mini-UHF male and mini-UHF female connectors 340-20FM * 20’ of our exclusive DA340 cable * Factory attached mini-UHF male and mini-UHF female connectors 340-25FM * 25’ of our exclusive DA340 cable * Factory attached mini-UHF male and mini-UHF female connectors
In-car charger for Motorola/Nextel phones (see description for a complete list) •Easy to install and simple to use. •30-day money-back guarantee. •Product Code: 409902
The Wilson 359909 adapter cable allows you to connect an antenna or direct connect amplifier directly to your cell phone. The adapter cable plugs into the external antenna port on your phone and then attaches directly to a amplifier or cable from one of the Wilson antennas. The adapter cable is 18 inches in length, and has a FME Male connector.

Digital Antenna 50' Da340 Cable

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PowerMax antenna cables offer the lowest signal loss for cellular and WiFi frequencies. This premium coax cable is pre-assembled with Mini-UHF/male and N/male connectors. The Mini-UHF/Male connector attaches to a Digital Antennas amplifier and the weather-tight type N/Male connector attaches to the exterior antenna's type N/Female connector. Available in 10' to 100' lengths to customize your installation. Cables under 50' and shorter are made with Times Microwave LMR-240. For 50' to 100' lengths we recommend the DA340 cable to minimize signal ...
Digital Antenna's 2-way global cellular combiner works on all cellular bands (850, 900, 1800, 1900 and 2100 MHz) and allows up to two cell phones or other cellular devices to be used simultaneously with a direct-connect amplifier or wireless repeater system. For easy installation, the DA-2192 kit includes a 2-way combiner and a pair of 12' dash-mount adapter cables.
DA58S * 6 of our exclusive high-quality RG174 cable * Factory attached SMB male and mini-UHF male connectors
 The PinPoint X is a compact, intelligent and fully-featured mobile communications platform with multiple peripheral connections including serial, Ethernet and USB. Expanded I/O functionality in a separate connector includes four digital inputs, four analog inputs and two relay outputs unleashing extensive remote instrumentation possibilities.Its high-precision GPS receiver coupled with the rich embedded intelligence provided by ALEOSTM technology make PinPoint X the perfect choice for a broad set of mobile enterprise, public safety, ...
Ultra-Rugged In-Vehicle Router with Wi-Fi OptionAdvanced 3G and Wi-Fi Option for Always-on ConnectionUltra-rugged, intelligent, high-speed, in-vehicle data solution for advanced tracking and mobile Internet connectivity with optional WiFi.With the ALEOS Events Reporting Engine, the MP890 reports real-time status and actionable event notifications, to ensure time-sensitive information is presented in the right place, at the precise time needed for better decision making and overall system efficiency.The MP890 is the industry standard vehicle-mou...
Digital Antennas new pre-assembled RV cable install kit allows for easy cable installation. Connectors are factory attached for easy connectivity and reduced install time. Premium low-loss DA240 cellular cable features a tinned braid and foil shield for maximum signal transmission. Use this kit to install Digital Antenna's 184-TR 10 dual band RV cellular antenna.
Wilson 859953 AC/DC 5V Power Supply for Mobile Pro Amp (USB Cable Wilson 859962 is NOT included) - Power Supplies (WILSON AMPLIFIER ACCESSORIES) Wilson 859953 is the manufacturer part number. This is an AC power supply for use with the Wilson SignalBoost Mobile Pro (801240). It allows the USB charging cable (not included) from the SignalBoost Mobile Pro to be plugged into a wall socket.

Cradlepoint Mbr Auto Adapter

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