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Clarity C900 Amplified Cell Phone

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Clarity C900™ Amplified Cell Phone The Clarity C900 Amplified Cell Phone is an innovative device that allows those with hearing problems and low vision to easily operate a cell phone. Twice as loud as ordinary cell phones and hearing aid compatible, the Clarity provides users with an amplification of up to 20db so that users have the freedom to stay connected. Ideal for those with low vision, the Clarity C900 Amplified Cell Phone has large half inched size buttons that slide out from below the phone. The easy to use, sleek Clari...

Clarity Wireless Tv Amplifier

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Clarity Wireless TV Amplifier The Clarity Wireless TV Amplifier is an easy to use device designed for individuals suffering from low hearing. The Clarity TV Amplifier is able to transmit stereo sound from a television to a wireless headset and amplify the sound up to 50dB for a louder, clearer and easier way to listen to the TV without having to bother those around you. Compatible with TVs, stereos, laptops, MP3 players and other audio player devices, the Clarity TV Amplifier is also compatible with most public infrared (IR) systems; ...
Ameriphone In-Line Phone Amplifier Turns most standard home and office telephones into an amplified telephone with up to 40 db of amplification. Unit also maximizes amplification while blocking out feedback and background noise. Tone selector amplifies specific frequencies for optimum speech clarity and distinction between similar sounding words. Unit connects easily between the handset and phone base, with no additional wiring required. One year warranty. Note: Only works with corded handset phones Requires 1 9 volt battery (included) ...
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