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Enzyme Formula: Digestive enzymes, healthy digestion-Functionalab deals and coupons
Digestive enzymes that act synergistically to support healthy digestion of fat, protein and carbohydrates.*
Monthly balance: Multivitamins for PMS discomfort-Functionalab deals and coupons
A health supplement specifically designed for women experiencing premenstrual tension.*
Prenatal Nutrients: Maternal and fetal health-Functionalab deals and coupons
A blend of scientifically recommended nutrients designed for women who are pregnant or lactating.*
Ultra Health: Blend of more than 50 nutrients-Functionalab deals and coupons
The ultimate blend of essential nutrition: A highly concentrated blend of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and over 50 nutritional ingredients.
Calcium and Magnesium: Nutrients for healthy bones-Functionalab deals and coupons
Delivers six sources of calcium, magnesium and other nutrients to help maintain healthy bone structure.*
Vitamin E: Antioxidant and cardiovascular health-Functionalab deals and coupons
Helps protect the lungs, eyes and arteries from free radical damage.*
Eye Health: Helps maintain healthy eye function-Functionalab deals and coupons
A blend of multivitamins, minerals and key nutrients, specially formulated to help maintain healthy eye function.*
Provita: 16 essential vitamins & minerals-Functionalab deals and coupons
An essential blend of vitamins and minerals to support optimal well-being.*
Weight Management: Improve fat metabolism-Functionalab deals and coupons
Helps prevent the excessive conversion of dietary carbohydrate into body fat and also influence fat metabolism.*
Japanese Formula: Detoxification complex-Functionalab deals and coupons
A unique combination of Japanese wasabi with broccoli sprout concentrate that helps support natural detoxification processes.*
Prophyto: Polyphenol and free-radical protection-Functionalab deals and coupons
Delivers polyphenols that exert strong antioxidant effects and contains essential vitamins for overall health.*
Recovery Formula: Tissue recovery, healing process-Functionalab deals and coupons
Helps support the body's natural healing process after exercise.*
Infinity Mix: Supplement, antioxidant and anti-aging-Functionalab deals and coupons
A balanced formulation designed to optimize functioning of the body through the aging process. * Each pack contains: 4 oval shaped, coated, olive green Ultra Health tablets with dark specks 2 clear, reddish-brown Mediterranean Diet capsules 1 yellow, oblong Vitamin E softgel 1 C-1000 capsule containing white powder 1 lipoic acid capsule containing off-white to yellow powder 1 N-acetyl-L-cysteine capsule containing white powder 1 rust-colored Pomegranate & Tea capsule 1 semi-solid orange Co-Q10 capsule.
Green Formula: Dietary boost of phytonutrients-Functionalab deals and coupons
An all-natural dietary boost of phytonutrients derived from premium grass, vegetables and other botanicals.
Immune System: Multivitamins, healthy immune support-Functionalab deals and coupons
A combination of vitamins, minerals, herbals, and other nutrients designed to support the immune system.*
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