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Roland Sa300 Powered Pa Speaker deals and coupons
The Roland SA-300 is a versatile Stage Amplifier built to handle nearly any type of audio source you plug into it: microphones, rhythm machines, guitars, keyboards, CD players, etc. With full-range, high-quality stereo 2.1-channel sound, sturdy construction, built-in effects, advanced anti-feedback control, two-piece transportability, loads of input-output options, and more, the SA-300 is a traveling musicians dream. Lightweight yet feature-packed, the SA-300 is powered by an internal 350W amplifier, which drives a stereo pair of high-performan...
Peavey Pr12n Neo Pa Speaker deals and coupons
The Peavey PR12N is a lightweight PR Series enclosure that's now even lighter and more efficient with its upgrade to neodymium magnets. The PR Series delivers superior sound quality by utilizing the most advanced materials, such as a lightweight, road-worthy molded polypropylene enclosure that will endure years of load in/load out abuse. Now outfitted with efficient, lightweight neodymium magnets, the Peavey PR Series ranges from 47 lbs. on the powered PR 15P to a mere 20 lbs. on the PR 10. Getting all the gear you need to complete your PA syst...
Pro Co Stagemaster Audio Snake deals and coupons
The Pro Co StageMaster is what engineers and musicians have been demanding for years! Finally!A great, affordable snake. Re-engineered from the stagebox to the connectors for even greater reliability, our StageMaster multipair cables are an ideal choice for church groups, fixed installations, schools and one-nighter portables. The rugged design features the latest in connectors and a cable that is extremely flexible for easy coiling. All StageMaster snakes are backed with Pro Co's 3-year, limited warranty . Available in 8x4, 12x4, 16x4 or 24x4 ...
Yamaha Fc5 Foot Switch Style Sustain Pedal deals and coupons
The FC5 can be utilized as a sustain foot pedal or footswitch controller in synthesizers, tone modules and drum machines equipped with 1/4' phone plug. Works with any keyboard utilizing a sustain pedal with 1/4' connector. Yamaha FC4 and FC5 For those electronic keyboards with an input jack labeled 'SUSTAIN,' the FC4 model is used in the same manner the sustain pedal on an acoustic piano is used. After pressing down a key, the note will continue to sound utilizing the technology of the FC5 until the sustain pedal is released. The FC5 can also b...
Aerial7 Sumo Earbuds deals and coupons

Aerial7 Sumo Earbuds

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A comfortable and fashionable design with great audio clarity, The Aerial7 Sumo earbuds provide a huge sound in a small package. Rock out anywhere from the subway to the studio. Aerial7 Sumo Features Engineered to deliver the highest-quality listening experience Compatible with Apple iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, other phones or audio devices Built-in microphone for use with your mobile phone Includes 3 different ear gel sizes is an authorized dealer of Aerial7 products.
Behringer Ct100 Cable Tester deals and coupons
The Behringer CT100 Cable Tester is intelligent with 3-modes, microprocessor control, and it accepts virtually any connector type: XLR, mono and TRS phone (1/4', 1/8', TT), RCA and MIDI. The Behringer CT100 shows which input pin is connected to which output pin. Separate LEDs indicate proper shield connection and phantom power presence. The CT100 also offers an installed cable test mode and a continuity check plus a test tone generator. Behringer CT100 Audio Cable Tester Features Three modes: cable test, installed cable test and test tone mode ...
Neutrik Np2c-bag 1/4 Inch Mono Plug Black deals and coupons
`The lifetime plug` Diecast shell, Neutrik unique chuck-type strain relief with PU-sleeve for optimal cable protection. 1/4 Inch professional phone plug, all metal, no rivets. 2 pole. Black metal housing and silver contacts. is an authorized dealer of Neutrik products.
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