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Photos Into Art Deals

Fringe Crystal Glass Decoupage Magnet

  • updated 3 years ago
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Multiple facets come together to form a unique display in our Fringe Crystal Glass Decoupage Magnet. Choose from various decoupaged art patterns, including an azure and jade peacock, a bouquet of roses and the magenta gossamer wings of the Papilio butterfly. Comes in a charming jewelry-style gift box. Each sold separately. Perfect for hanging postcards, notes and photos.

Glass Ornament/magnet Making Kit

  • updated 3 years ago
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Cherish your memories and make your moments in time last forever with this Glass Ornament/Magnet Making Kit. This kit allows you to make three personalized Venetian Glass Magnets or Ornaments with your treasured photos. The Tilano Fresco process uses a laser photocopy of your image to transfer onto each piece of glass. This set comes with Tilano Photo Paper; Foam Brush; Tilano Medium; Tilano Antiquing Paint; Three 2" x 2" Glass Ornamentos; Tilano Wire; Three Magnets; and Easy-to-follow instructions.

Photo-opoly Monopoly Board Game

  • updated 3 years ago
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Make it personal with our Photo-Opoly Monopoly Board Game! Choose 22 of your favorite photos and create a game for any occasion! Materials and instructions are included for creating your game in many different ways. Choose from 100 pre-printed titles or create your own. Hand-letter with the enclosed art pen or use a printer to create your cards and property labels! This is one version based off monopoly that you can make one-of-a-kind! For 2-6, ages 8 to adult.

Magnetic Push Pins (set Of 6)

  • updated 4 years ago
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Can't decide if you want push pins that poke with a needle, or stick with a magnet? Why make it hard on yourself when you can get the best of both worlds with our Magnetic Push Pins (set of 6)? One half of these push pins feature a regular needle for attaching to cork boards or wood, while the latter half features a detachable magnet, so you can add photos, notes, letters, or postcards and more. Set comes in an assortment of fun, bright colors.
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