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LIFE, 1st Edition deals and coupons

Life, 1st Edition

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Created through a ???student-tested, faculty-approved??? review process, LIFE is an engaging and accessible solution to accommodate the diverse lifestyles of today's learners at a value-based price. Offering busy students a variety of learning options, LIFE provides streamlined chapters, in-text support, and online tools to make learning more flexible. An appealing layout, interesting photos, and relevant real-life examples motivate and connect with non-science majors. Overall, LIFE will help you show your students that Biology is not just a re...
On Baking: A Textbook of Baking and Pastry Fundamentals, Second Edition deals and coupons
For courses in Introduction to Baking and Pastry Arts or Intermediate Baking & Pastries.From the creators of the best-selling On Cooking, 4/e comes the new edition of On Baking???the source for learning the practice of baking and the pastry arts. Lavishly illustrated, it is the most complete guide on the market???emphasizing baking principles over formulas and reinforcing each technique with a companion recipe and illustrations. With ample coverage of the craft, equipment, and ingredients, it addresses all aspects of baking and a wide range of ...
Environment, 7th Edition deals and coupons
Offering a more concise resource for environmental scientists, the seventh edition explores important environmental issues and shows how to apply this information on the job. It focuses on a systems approach, presenting a framework for thinking about environmental science. The recurring theme of global climate change as a system is integrated throughout the chapters, uncovering both the positive and negative roles that people play in that system. Environmental scientists will also benefit from the revised art program. New photos and illustratio...
Essentials Of Dermatology For Chiropractors deals and coupons
Chiropractors see more skin than any other primary health provider, and have a perfect opportunity to make early diagnoses of serious skin conditions, such as malignant melanoma. In order to provide comprehensive patient care, chiropractic physicians must have a solid foundation of dermatology. Essentials of Dermatology for Chiropractors is the first dermatology text designed specifically for chiropractic students and professionals. Essentials of Dermatology for Chiropractors is a full-color reference on general dermatology for chiropractors an...
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