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Blackberry Phone Black Wall Charger

$5.19 $3.99
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Blackberry Phone Black Wall Charger. This travel charger is lightweight, compact and provides portable power for the frequent traveler. The charger plug prongs conveniently fold into the charger, making it more compact and easy to slip in any small space whether in a purse, backpack, or luggage. This slim charger will charge your Blackberry quickly and easily. Built in safety circuits will prevent over charging, which will keep your phone protected. Works with ALL BlackBerries that charge through the mini USB port. Provides power to your phone ...
Rapid Battery Wall Charger USB Adapter Black. Need to charge your iPod at work or when going out of town? Don't even bother to unplug the original one from home. Simply carry an extra handy and light travel charger and you can charge yours anytime, anywhere! This wall charger can be used by your standard iPod USB syncing cable which originally comes with the Apple iPod. It call also be used with any standard USB charging cable Specs and Features. Brand New non OEM. Compact design is made for easy storage. Built in charging circuitry protects ag...