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Kneipp Grape Seed Anti-Cellulite Moisture Bath deals and coupons
Exfoliating - Skin smoothing properties. A soak in Grapeseed Moisture Bath is a very effective first step for treating cellulite. Containing 90% pure Grape Seed Oil, Moisture Bath is rich in essential fatty acids and contains Sandalwood Fruit extract, leaving the skin feeling supple and soft. The Moisture Bath provides deep relaxation and leaves skin noticeably smoothed and moisturized. Grapeseed Oil is smoothing and rich in Vitamin E. It works to fight against free radicals. The Sandalwood fruit extract has a stimulating effect on the body, he...
Kneipp Thermal Spring Bath Salts (17.6 Oz.) - Lavender deals and coupons
Color and Preservative free. Dermatologist tested Kneipp Classic Thermal Spring Bath Salts gently exfoliate, tone, and increase elasticity. Brine from thermal-spring saltwater far below the earth surface is processed into crystals and then blended with pure plant essential oils. Activated by hot water, these enriched salt crystals help build resistance to daily aggressions. Available in seven different scents. Directions: Measure salt in cap (fill 1/3 of cap), pour into tub under warm running water, 100°F. Bathe for 15-20 minutes. Rinse wi...
Kneipp Evening Primrose Bath Collection deals and coupons
Moisturizes, calms and soothes very dry skin and irritated skin Kneipp Evening Primrose products with natural plant oils: For very dry and irritated skin Moisturize, calm and soothe needy skin Do not contain mineral oil Contain pure plant active ingredients. Color and preservative free Dermatologist tested Collection includes: Kneipp Evening Primrose Moisture Bath (3.4 oz./100 ml) Kneipp Evening Primrose Body Oil (3.4 oz./100 ml) High-quality guest-size terry towel The Kneipp Evening Primrose bath Collection is an ideal skin care duo containing...
Kneipp Pure Bliss Bath deals and coupons

Kneipp Pure Bliss Bath

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Pure Bliss-Relaxes body and soul for beautiful moments. Kneipp Pure Bliss Bath with highly concentrated natural essential oils of Red Poppy and Hemp will provide you with an overwhelming sense of well-being and relaxation from the stress and strain of everyday life. This unique combination creates a wonderful feeling of serenity and peace of mind. Nourishing oils soften and smooth skin. Directions: Fill tub, add 1 capful of Kneipp Pure Bliss Bath and mix gently. Rinse cap after use. For Approx. 10 baths. Water temperature should be between 97-1...
Kneipp Grape Seed Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil deals and coupons
Kneipp Grape Seed Oil Body Massage Oil is based on a particularly high content of pure Grape Seed Oil and the active ingredient in Sandalwood Fruit that affects circulation, when used regularly, the Massage Oil smoothes and firms intensively and leaves the skin feeling noticeably suppler. Daily massage is a critical step in combating and improving overall health. Tests by an independent testing institute show that Kneipp Grape Seed Oil Exfoliating Body Scrub and Grape Seed Oil Skin Massage Oil are effective after only two weeks use: 93.5% of wo...