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Reptile Lighting Deals

Night Glo Neodymium Moonlight Lamp (50 Watts) deals and coupons

Night Glo Neodymium Moonlight Lamp (50 Watts)

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Night Glo Neodymium Moonlight Lamp for reptiles simulates moonlight for your reptilian buddy. It helps your reptile feel at home in his terrarium using realistic lighting. It's idea for desert and tropical terrariums. Simulates natural moonlight. Perfect for nocturnal viewing. Provides tropical night-time temperatures. Stimulates breeding behavior in reptiles. Can be combined with Night Clo or Heat Glo for a 24-hour cycle.
Zilla Fresh Air Terrarium Metal Screen Cover (black, 30 X 12 Inches) deals and coupons
Allows essential air flow in reptile terrariums Durable, escape-proof design Withstands high temperatures from heating devices Provide air flow while maintaining solid security Fresh Air terrarium covers are designed especially for the unique needs of reptile environments. Screening promotes the healthy exchange of air needed to keep cold-blooded reptiles healthy and active, with a metal mesh tough enough to withstand the clawing of the largest pets. Designed with lighting hoods in mind, the mesh also stands up to the high t...
35 In. Snake Skin And Antique Gold Table Lamp Cvaop341 deals and coupons
Natural Reptile Texture finished in Cream and Black Tones and Accented with Antique Gold are just a few of the Stylish Details of this unique Table Lamp. The shade is Square Gold Silk Fabric. The lamp uses a 3 Way socket.
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