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Router Set Up Deals

The new Dremel Trio Tool System offers a versatile and effective multi-function system. With 360 degree cutting technology and plunge-cut ability, Trio makes quick and controlled cuts in wood, plastic, drywall, metal, and wall tile. With sanding and routing capability, Trio will take your project from start to finish! The Trio is an approachable, versatile tool that can cut, sand, and rout. Typical to the Dremel brand the versatility of the tool does not end there the new Dremel Trio Tool System is complete with a full line of accessories and a...
DIABLO Router Bits use DIAMOND SHARP CARBIDE with TITANIUM for a long cutting life and ultra fine finish. The Kick-Back Reducing Design provides a safer more controlled cut. Each bit is Computer Balanced providing less vibration and chatter, resulting in clean smooth profiles. The High Performance Permanent Non-Stick Coating reduces friction and resin adhesion. Tri-Metal Brazing provides a stronger more impact resistant bond between the carbide and the bit.
The Diablo 1/2 in. Carbide Window Stool Router Bit delivers a safe, precise cut ideal for window sill molding and decorative edges. The kick-back reducing design features a non-stick coating for reduced friction.

Rotary Tool Workcenter Model 1098

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Milescraft 1098 Rotary Work Center converts your Dremel or other rotary tool into a miniature shaper table. Use your rotary tool like a router, shaper, planer, or sanding disc. Features an adjustable fence, and a large 8 In. by 6 In. work table. Comes complete with adjustable fence and clear bit guard. Depth can be adjusted with the simple to use set screw adjustment. The clear safety shield with built-in vacuum tube provides protection from debris while keeping your work area clean. Rotary tool not included. For use with most Dremel, Black and...
The Ryobi 32 in. x 16 in. Intermediate Router Table makes routing jobs fast and easy. Featuring MDF sacrificial faces on its fence, the table has an adjustable fence with joining capabilities.
The Diablo 5/32 in. Carbide Roman Ogee Router Bit cuts a clean, decorative edge in many types of wood. Crafted from carbide and titanium for durability, the bit features Double Shear-Cut Technology for a flawless finish.

Hinge Mortise Guide Set Model 1297

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Milescraft Hinge Mortise Guide Set. Cut accurate door and jamb butt hinge mortises on any type of door! The Milescraft Hinge Mortise Guide Set will accommodate any 3 In. - 3 In. and 4 In. hinge. The metal tabs and symmetrical design on the 4 In. template allow for easy set placement and accurate alignment from jamb to door. Two plastic inserts on the 3 In. and 3 In. template enable you to create large and small radius mortises. Requires the use of a 5/8 inch guide bushing and 1/2 inch straight router bit, which are NOT included.

Signcrafter Model 1206 (b) 12060003

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The Milescraft SignCrafter, Model #1206 helps you to create professional looking signs efficiently and easily. The letter and number templates are self-spacing so no measuring between characters is needed. Equipped with the TurnLock Base Plate and bushings, your router simply glides through the templates. The universal base plate attaches securely to most routers and the turnlock bushings are changed tool-free, hardware-free and in only seconds. You simply turn and lock. The SignCrafter includes a 5/8 metal nose bushing and a 3/8 CoreBox Router...
The Diablo 3/8 in. x 1/4 in. Carbide Flush Trimmer Router Bit provides a safe, controlled cut and is ideal for laminates. Crafted from solid carbide for durability, the bit is computer balanced for less vibration and chatter.

Universal Router Bushing Kit 861019

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The RIDGID Universal Router Bushing Kit is compatible with most fixed routers and plunge routers (router not included). The kit is ideal for cutting dovetails, creating signs and template work.

Rotary Tool Plunger Model 1000

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Turn your Rotary Tool into a Mini Plunge Router. The Milescraft Plunger is a one-of-a-kind rotary tool attachment. The Plunger provides a convenient and efficient way to create small designs, decorations or cutouts in wood or plastic utilizing your Rotary tool. The transparent, scratch-resistant base plate gives a clear, 360 view of all work and the vacuum tube allows the Plunger to work virtually free from woodchips. It also includes an edge and circle guide, allowing circles up to 12 In. in diameter to be created. The base accepts the Milescr...
The Diablo 1/2 in. x 2 in. Carbide Straight Router Bit provides a safe, controlled cut ideal for plywood, laminate and medium-density fiberboard (MDF). The unique carbide geometry of the back-relief grind improves chip clearance and reduces heat buildup.
The Diablo 1/2 in. Carbite Classical Cove and Bead Router Bit features a 4-carbide cutter design that delivers a flawless finish. Durable carbide creates a decorative edge in many types of wood.
The Diablo 1/2 in. x 1-1/2 in. Carbide Straight Router Bit provides a precise, safe cut on many types of wood. The back-relief grind features a unique carbide geometry that improves chip clearance and reduces heat buildup.
The Diablo 7/32 in. x 1/2 in. Carbide Plywood Mortise Router Bit provides a safe, controlled cut in all types of 1/4 in. plywood. Crafted from durable carbide, the bit is computer balanced for reduced vibration and chatter.