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Samsung T509 Car Charger Deals

Car Charger For Samsung D520, D807, D900, T509, T519, T629, T809 deals and coupons
This car charger is compatible with the following Samsung models : SGH-d520 (d520) SGH-d807 (d807) SGH-d900 (d900) SGH-t509 (t509), SGH-t519 (t519), SGH-t809 (t809) SGH-t629 (t629) Specifications : Universal Vehicle Lighter Adapter (12 ~ 24volt DC). Fits in your car cigarette lighter socket. High performance charger. Easy and convenient to recharge the phone battery in a vehicle on the go. Electrical fuse with overcharge protection for safety. LED charging indicator. Allows you to charge your phone and talk at the same time.
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