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Rub N Color Mega Kit By Giddy Up

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Rub N Color Mega TV Activity Kit (214 Pieces) Doodle with a noodle draw with a straw create a snail with your fingernail make a border with a quarter! With Rub N Color the magic is in the paper! No messy markers to dry out. No messy coatings to scratch scrape or flake off. The magic invisible ink reveals color when you rub it! Rub it with just about anything! Rub N Color comes with rubbing tools that give your drawings texture stripes or an air brush effect. Use the wide brush tip for coloring large areas for broader coverage and the narrow poi...
Crinkle Crackle Create! Create and decorate something fun with this Foamfetti 10 pack air dry sculpting mix. Hear it crackle and feel it crinkle while you make animals decorate items or roll it into a bouncing ball. Foamfetti dries by itself turning your idea into a textured fowrk of art or keepsake. And because ti sticks to unfinished wood cardboard and paper the creative possibilities are limitless! Just open it squish it apply it and let it dry! Set includes 10 vivid colors frame and template. Net wt. 14 oz. Foamfetti Air Dry Sculpting Mix 1...