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Sexy Make Out Deals

Black Bubble Face Elite Combo

$99.99 $39.99
  • updated 3 years ago
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Make your bling stand out in the hood with our Black Bubble Face Elite Combo. Inspired by platinum and diamonds, these accessories will make you sparkle like a celebrity without costing you celebrity numbers of Benjamins. This complete set, made especially for playas, epitomizes flash, style, and luxury. Check out what you get with this phat combo: Roll up your sleeve and enjoy total playa status This black band bubble face Elite watch comes complete with bomb stones. Flashy iced out neckwear This stunning iced out players cross will make y...
Shutter Shade Combo with Gold, Silver, Red, Black, Pink, and White Combo Get your groove on with the ultimate Shutter Shade Combo. Whether you are chillaxin in your crib, hanging in your hood, or dancing with your girls in the club, you can sport an enviable look for any occasion. Here is what you get with this set: Think Pink Look like the hottest playa in town with your pink shades. Go For Gold Get the celebrity look going on with these cool gold shades. Iced Out White These white shutter shades will attract attention again and again. Slin...

Platinum Style All White Combo

$60.00 $39.99
  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 49
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Platinum Style All White Combo Up your game to the Iced Out level with this phat Platinum Style All White Combo. Inspired by high-end platinum and ice, bling bling doesnt get much better than this, playa. Attract celebrity respect without paying celebrity prices with the real Iced Out deal. Here is what you get: Iced Out Earrings Sparkle like a rap star with these stunning princess cut 6mm faux diamond studs. Get Yo Shyne On Ooze big Benjamins with this high-end Ice Face watch. Impress The Crew Sport this 50 Cent Cross while you get rich or ...

White Stone Shutter Shades Sunglasses

$15.59 $12.99
  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 13
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If you want to get blinged out to the max, these icy white shutter shades will make you sparkle like a star! Every piece of fabulous frame on these luxurious eye blinds is decked out with sensational faux carats. But why stop at one pair? Check out our 2pc Full Stone Black and White Shutter Shade Combo, and get all your bases covered for just $5 more! When youre low on the dough and youre struggling to choose between our phattest Iced Out shutter shade colors, check out our 3pc Full Stone Black, White, and Red Shutter Shade Combo. For just $12 ...

The Make Your Play For The Big Time Ring

$29.99 $3.87
  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 10
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The Make Your Play For the Big Time Ring

Gold Grill Lens Plastic Sunglasses

$11.99 $9.99
  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 39
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These stunning gold eye blinds are the ultimate urban wear accessory. Sparkling gold shutter shades are guaranteed to get you all the right kinds of attention from the whole hood! But why stop at one pair? Feast your eyes on these awesome Iced Out deals and P.I.M.P your stash! If you are looking for triple trouble, you will love our Silver, Gold, and Grey Shutter Shade Combo. You get three times the blingin power for only $3 extra! This deal is perfect for the rising rap star! This eye wear is so hot right now; that we have put five of our pha...
Sterling Silver Blue Checkered Mania Grillz Combo Get the biggest, phattest metal mouth in your hood with this Sterling Silver Blue Checkered Mania Grillz Combo. This stunning combination of blue and clear genuine Czechoslovakian crystals will make you look like you have a wallet bulging with Benjamins. Dont worry, we wont let on! You are guaranteed a tailor-made fit as well as comfort, safety, and flash supreme. Here is what you get with this combo: Flashy Phat Domination This blue-dominated sterling silver grill is da bomb, and its coming fo...
The spectacular and completely unique Bridesmaid Pimp Cup is certain to be a massive hit on your wedding day. The electrifying combination of style, class and bling will make your nuptials an occasion every guest will remember for years to come. Not only will your favorite girls be excited to brandish a hot personalized cup, but they will also generate some serious respect from the hottest boys in the hood. Our Bridesmaid Pimp Cup is fully customizable, meaning that you can select colors and styles to suit your own individual color scheme and u...

King Of Crunk Combo

$152.39 $126.99
  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 35
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KING OF CRUNK Combo Be the King of Bling by wearing this incredible King of Crunk Combo. Designed with platinum and diamonds in mind, these spectacular sparkling accessories are a must for any serious playa. The quality of the workmanship and the unique look of this phat neckwear will make you the envy of all the gang - while still leaving you with enough Benjamins in your wallet to buy some stylin accessories. Here are the highlights of this quality combo: Look flash for less cash Sport some serious faux carats with this iced out Austrian cry...

First Impressions Combo

$90.00 $29.99
  • updated 3 years ago
  • views 19
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First Impressions Combo You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and what an impression youll make with this exclusive First Impression Combo! Inspired by platinum and ice these luxurious accessories epitomize everything a playa is about. Here are some highlights of this phat set: Get Yo Bling On Attract admiring glances with this stunning 50 Cent Cross. Flashy Ice For Your Ears Sparkle like a hip hop star with these 6mm princess cut earrings. Be Original Playa This sick spinning watch will give you over two minutes of the u...
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