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Solar Cell Home Deals

Fr600 S.a.m.e. Weather Radio Arcfr600r deals and coupons
The American Red Cross SOLARLINK FR600 by Eton does more than keep you connected. This state-of-the-art self-powered radio represents versatile functionality, skillful construction, impressive design and ultimate preparedness. The SOLARLINK FR600 can be powered with hand-crank power generator, via the sun's light through its skillfully constructed solar panel, with a rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack or via AC Adapter that gives the user four options for powering up this powerful unit! Additional American Red Cross recommended features include AM...
Fr160 Microlink Weather Radio Arcfr160wxr deals and coupons
The American Red Cross MICROLINK FR160 by Eton does more than keep you connected. This new spin on an Eton classic incorporates our award winning design and standard feature sets into a sleek easy to use package. It is a multifunctional, ultra-compact companion ready for any preparedness kit.When emergencies or outdoor adventures take you off the grid, you need a device that can fill multiple needs. The American Red Cross MICROLINK FR160 is so compact that you can easily store in a safety kit or toss in your rucksack and take anywhere. It has a...
Goodhope 5260 Solar Backpack - Black deals and coupons

Goodhope 5260 Solar Backpack - Black

  • updated 3 years ago
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Travel in eco-savvy style with this solar powered pack. Done in super strong 1860D ballistic nylon, it boasts a highly innovative Solar Charging System (SCS). This ingenious system ensures your small electronic device is never without power again. The SCS can be charged at home or office using an A/C adapter, or with direct sunlight. Fully charged, it provides 8 hours of power. The system works with items like a cell phone, iPod, iPhone, digital camera.GPS, PDA or MP3 player and includes an AC adapter, USB adapter, and 6 popular cell phone atta...
Wagan Solar Echarger Ii deals and coupons

Wagan Solar Echarger Ii

$88.00 $74.80
  • updated 3 years ago
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The Solar eCharger II (2558) THE pocket solar charger for a wide range of small electronics. Solar charge your iPod, Blackberry, phone, or just about any USB device. This unit is lightweight and compact, with an on-board lithium solar power storage battery so you have power even when the sun isn't shining. Under sunlight, the Solar ePower II converts daylight into electricity and stores it in its onboard lithium storage battery. At any time, simply plug your iPod, iPhone or any other USB device into one of the ports to get power from the...
Adventure Hand Crank Led Scorpion Nsp100 deals and coupons
Get closer to the great outdoors with the Eton Scorpion. This multi-function adventure radio is equipped with AM/FM, NOAA 7-weather band channels and a powerful built-in LED flashlight. It is hand crank and solar powered but can also be charged with an AC adapter. Need to make a phone call during your hike? Charge up a cell phone by simply plugging it in via USB cord, turn the crank for 90 seconds and you?ll have enough battery in the phone to make a 1-2 minute phone call. It?s more than just a radio. The Scorpion has an AUX-input to play your ...
Tek4 4-volt Rapid Charger Ap4500 deals and coupons

Tek4 4-volt Rapid Charger Ap4500

from Home Depot
  • updated 3 years ago
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The Ryobi Tek4 4-Volt Rapid Charger quickly charges 2 Tek4 4-volt lithium-ion batteries. You can use a wall adapter or use alternative power sources, such as a solar panel or fuel cell. The dual fuel gauge shows the remaining charge for both batteries. This Energy Star certified charger charges the batteries that power the Ryobi Tek4 family of professional electronic tools and Ryobi 4V power tools.
Outdoor Gray Solar Rock Spot Light 30838 deals and coupons

Outdoor Gray Solar Rock Spot Light 30838

  • updated 4 years ago
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The HomeBrite Solar Outdoor Gray Solar Rock Spot Light features an embedded crystalline solar cell with advanced circuitry and automatic dusk-to-dawn operation to reliably illuminate a garden plant or bush at night. The light uses 4 super-bright warm LEDs and a chromatic quad-cone diffuser to provide a brilliant, focused stream of light.
Plantoys Green Dollhouse With Furniture deals and coupons

Plantoys Green Dollhouse With Furniture

$199.99 $154.99
  • updated 3 years ago
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Plan Toys Inc - Doll Houses - 71560 - The dollhouse's energy efficient design includes a wind turbine, a solar cell panel and electric inverter for generating electricity, a rain barrel for collecting rain, a bio facade, which uses the natural cycle of plant growth to provide shading, and a blind than can adjust that amount of sunlight and air circulation. Also, recycling bins are included in the set! Energy efficient design Wind turbine Solar cell panel Electric inverter Rain barrel Biofacade Blind Recycling binsFurniture includedFor ages 3y+...
160-watt Solar Panel Kit With Sharp Modules 39626 deals and coupons

160-watt Solar Panel Kit With Sharp Modules 39626

from Home Depot
  • updated 3 years ago
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The Sunforce 160-Watt Solar Panel Kit with Sharp Modules contains two 80-watt Sharp solar panels. Ideal for homes, boats, RVs, pumps, beacons and lighting equipment, the panels have an anti-reflective coating that offers high light absorption in many weather conditions. The panels' textured cell surfaces help reduce sunlight reflection, and their aluminum frame offers extended outdoor use.
Set Of 6 Plastic Blanca Solar Path Lights 30817 deals and coupons
Illuminate your driveway or garden with this set of 6 Solar lights. These mini size lights are made of UV resistance plastic. They are durable and weatherproof. Each light equipped with a quality Solar cell panel to eliminate the need for wiring. They work independently through the control of a built in photo sensor to illuminate at dusk and off at dawn to recharge itself.
Sierra Designs Solar Taquito - Blue deals and coupons

Sierra Designs Solar Taquito - Blue

  • updated 3 years ago
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The Taquito helps organize the constituent parts of a tent. There are compartments with drawstring closures for the rainfly, tent body and stakes. Rolls up and compresses down, making sure the tent remains organized, and customers never leave home without an essential item again. The Solar Taquito also includes a solar panel that can be used to harness sunshine to help power your iiPod, cell phone, or headlamp. Simply expose to sunlight and you are ready to rock. Solar panel removable for use anywhere.
180-degree Outdoor Motion-sensing Solar-powered Security Light Sl-7210 deals and coupons
The Heath Zenith 180-Degree Outdoor Motion-Sensing Solar-Powered Security Light is a highly energy-efficient solar-powered LED security light. The included LED bulb draws just 2.6 watts of power, magnified by a mirror-finish bulb housing. It is weather resistant and has a solar cell, timer, and adjustable motion sensor for added efficiency. It is ideal for driveways and other outdoor residential uses.
Outdoor Green Square Solar Stepping-stone Lights (3-pack) 30840/3 deals and coupons
The HomeBrite Solar Outdoor Green Square Solar Stepping-Stone Lights (3-Pack) are durably crafted from heavy-duty resin and support up to 250 lb. They are each equipped with 4 bright amber LEDs to impart cozy illumination to your path or garden. The solar cell recharges the included AAA battery and provides up to 12 hours of light on a full charge.
60-watt Solar Backup Kit 50048 deals and coupons

60-watt Solar Backup Kit 50048

from Home Depot
  • updated 3 years ago
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The Sunforce 60-Watt Solar Backup Kit helps you charge cabins, remote and backup power sources, 12-volt battery chargers, RVs and boats. Functional in varying weather conditions, this durable kit has a built-in blocking diode that helps protect against battery discharge at night. The kit is made of durable ABS plastic with an amorphous solar cell.
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