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Solar Panel Battery Chargers Deals

Bd1 Solar Battery Charger White (czbd001) deals and coupons

Bd1 Solar Battery Charger White (czbd001)

$33.98 $21.99
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HighlightsMain Function: Battery charger for portable electronics with solar panel for rechargingType: Li-ion polymer battery Capacity: 1350mAH Full Charge Time: 2.5 hours AC power, 7.5 hours solar Working Temperatures: -10 deg C to 50deg C Power Output Ports: 2 (one for iPhone/iPod, one USB) Dimensions: 636222mmSpecification Compatible: Suitable for iPhones,iPods and USB Devices Material: Plastic Color: White__xml_end__
2000mah Usb Solar Panel Power Battery Charger Mobile Station For Pda S400 deals and coupons
Brand New 2000mAh USB Solar Panel Power Battery Charger Mobile Station for PDA S400. Besides, you can also get a beautiful gift. Come now! What are you waiting for!
Bd2 Solar Battery Charger Pink (czbd002) deals and coupons

Bd2 Solar Battery Charger Pink (czbd002)

$23.98 $14.99
  • updated 2 years ago
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HighlightsMain Function: Solar battery charger for portable electronics Designed for Charging: Mobile Phones,Digital Cameras,PDAs,MP3 players,MP4 players (with Battery Capacity under 1200mAh) Type: Rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery Capacity: 1350mAh Output Voltage: 5V Output Current: 1000mAh Full Charge Time: 4 hours AC power, 8-12 hours solar Solar Panel: Polycrystalline silicon panel Indicator: LED light indicates solar panel is charging Power Output Adapters: Mini USB,Nokia,Samsung,Motorola,and Sony-Ericcson Dimensions: 954411mm Specificat...
Solar Powered Battery Charger With Poly-crystalline Silicon Solar Cells(hqkj005) deals and coupons
Specification: 95 43 12 mm Use poly-Crystalline silicon solar cells Colored case package: 165 115 50mm Adopt high efficient Mono-Crystalline and poly-Crystalline silicon, the transformation rate reach 15%. Specification for solar panel: 4V/120mA or 5V/100mA Can charge up to batteries of 1350mAH Output voltage: 5.0V-6.8V Output current: 350mA-800mA Takes 3-6 hours to charge up most cell phones,(slight difference between different cell phones) Takes 8-10 hours to fully charge the built-in battery Take 4hour...
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