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Succulent Deals

Botanic Choice Black Tea Blackberry (bags) deals and coupons
Black Tea Blackberry is jazzed up with a wonderful, succulent blackberry flavor reminiscent of a summertime cobbler - without the guilt!
Botanic Choice Homeopathic Diarrhea Formula deals and coupons
Helps you get back to normal, fast. Nine ingredients combine to combat diarrhea, soothe cramping, and cleanse your system including... Aloe socotrina - Common name: succulent aloe, cape aloe. Cleanses toxins and soothes. Antimomium cruda - Common name: antimonous sulfide. Supports gastrointestinal health. Arsenicum album - Common name: arsenic trioxide. Works to support a healthy intestinal tract. Belladonna - Common name: deadly nightshade, poison black cherry. Contains anti-spasmodic properties. Bryonia alba - Common name: wild hops, white br...
Botanic Choice Sassafras Leaf Tea deals and coupons
Known botanically as Sassafras albidum, it is sometimes called Saxafrax. The bark of the root is used in herbal preparations. Sassafras is a small tree, varying in height from ten to forty feet. The bark is rough and grayish, that of the twigs smooth and green. The leaves are alternate, bright green, variable in form, smooth above and downy beneath. The flowers appear before the leaves, are small greenish-yellow; fruit an oval succulent drupe. Indigenous to North America and common to the woods from Canada to Florida. The bark has an aromatic a...
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