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System Of A Down Music Deals

MediaShout EXPRESS is the easy and affordable way to move up to powerful presentations for your church or ministry. MediaShout EXPRESS delivers the most popular feature from the leader in ministry presentation software. MediaShout EXPRESS empowers ministry leaders whose only option has been PowerPoint to now access the media, Bibles and song lyrics that are at the core of modern worship and communicating life's most important message. Minimal system requirements for MediaShout EXPRESS allow computers with less system resources to present song l...

Engage - Physical

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Each day teenagers face an avalanche of messages and situations that stand in opposition to their faith. Advertising, music, videos, movies, TV - each of these mediums communicate promote a value system saturated with sexuality, materialism, and self-centeredness. Your students are looking for answers on how to navigate these waters. You can help! Engage , one of the 4-lesson studies in the Edge line of curriculum, challenges your students with a call to impact the world around them in the name of Christ. Engage is ideal for: Your weekly large ...